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Resistance or Allowing?

If ever we wanted to be flexible, the area of ‘allowing’ is a great place to start. The opposite of ALLOWING is…RESISTANCE…sound familiar? The trick is that we don’t know when we’re ‘in resistance’ when we are. How to tell?

When we feel bad, unhappy or like a victim, we’re in resistance. If we’re blaming someone or something else for the way we feel (which isn’t good, in this instance) we are in resistance. What are we resisting? Simple, whatever is right in front of us that we want to be different. As soon as we want something to be other than what it is, we are resisting the ‘what is’ and we are stuck fighting it.

My yoga teacher, Yogi Amrit Desai, taught us (while in those pretzel-like postures 🙂 ‘just be with what is as is, then you can breathe and soften the edges, when the edges soften, you allow for possibility’. I liked it the minute I heard it!

All the pushing against the ‘what is’ to get it to change just doesn’t cut it. When we ALLOW it to be, just simply ALLOW (breathing helps!) you make the space for possibility of change. Sid had a saying, “you can play Football or do Tai Chi” – I like that metaphor, though I mostly choose football until I realize that I want Tai Chi, so I can make the switch.

From there, how about ALLOWING the Divine Energy of abundance and grace to flow in? Time for an deep breath or two, and a new mantra 🙂 “Today I allow the energy of the Divine to assist me with everything in my life, with grace and ease:”


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