Joeaux Robey

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Confessions of a SoulOpreneur—Learn what it takes to obtain “lift-off” in an enlightened business world

Joeaux “Joy” Robey

Were you raised like I was? Go to school, get a good job, get a promotion, get a raise, buy stuff. Repeat.

It use to be self-employed (or a consultant) meant you were “between” jobs. Even if you did pursue owning your own business, chances are you were never taught the business part, especially if you chose an esoteric type of a career.

Well, I’ve got good news! It is now officially cool to be self-employed! And, the word “woo-woo” is met with a friendly smile. So, how do you obtain lift-off of your business idea? Especially if it’s in the woo-woo world?

3 words: 100 Percent Transparency. Are you ready? Discover:

The power in choosing YOUR clients/customers;

Why working harder and more hours will never make you more money;

How to create an {{{Energetic}}} Marketing plan;

Why networking doesn’t work;

How to discover the SoulOpreneur within YOU.


“It is not enough to be good at what you do. You must be considered to be the only one who does what you do.” ~ Jerry Garcia

Joeaux Robey is a former corporate marketing executive, M.B.A., recently turned Evangelist and Promoter of all things Spiritual, promoting the work of Marilyn Harper with Adironnda & Company as well as Jennifer Hough. She is also the CoCreator of the 3rd Annual, Walk-ins Welcome Conference for Spiritual Transformation. Her mission is to help Spiritual Entrepreneurs get “lift off” in their business and further spread the awakening of businesses around the globe. She is an entrepreneur, speaker, artist, author and creative channel and is currently working on a technology solution that will give voice to Awakened Businesses. Her first book, coauthored with Marilyn Harper will be released in September.