Bethi Black

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The Human Design System: The Operators Manual for Your True and Unique Life Purpose (78 mins)

Bethi Black
Assistant Director
Human Design

The Human Design System provides us with an amazing map to understand our conscious and unconscious self, how our energy works and weaves with the energy of others and our environment, as well as how to make decisions as our true self free from the conditioning of others or our own mind.

We each have a unique life and life purpose that lives out through us when we are aligned to and in harmony with the mechanics of this body, this amazing form that we come into each lifetime. Through this correct alignment we live out our true potential for satisfaction, success, surprise and peace. And we are able to have our true impact, do our true work, have our true recognitions and offer true guidance, as well as understand our place in the totality. Discover:

That we are the midst of a great evolution and maturing of our spiritual awareness that is reflected in our genetics;

Your internal GPS that will keep you true to your path, if you can surrender to it;

You inner authority that is uniquely your own for decision making;

Your true role that you are here to live out with others, which is laid out for us through our genetics;

A practical strategy for decision making that is outside your mind.


Beth Black is the editor of the Definitive Book of Human Design: The Science of Differentiation, and a Human Design Analyst and Teacher who works with individuals worldwide to help them understand their individual designs, and empower their unique life path and purpose.

Beth also teaches groups and individuals how to work with the foundations of The Human Design system, including certifying Living Your Design guides, and training Professional Analysts. She has worked in the field of Metaphysics since 1998, as a trained energy worker and Bach Flower practitioner, as well as host of the Kryon Summer Light Conference in Mt. Shasta from 2001 to 2007. Prior to 2001 she owned a successful publishing and graphic design business in Los Angeles.

Degrees and Certifications

    • Human Design Analyst (Individual, Partnership, Cycles and Transits, Incarnation Cross (Life Purpose))
    • Family Practice Practitioner
    • Living Your Design Guide
    • Teacher – Rave ABC’s and Rave Cartography (HD Foundation Courses)
    • Teacher – HD Analyst Training Year One
    • Trainer of Living Your Design Guides
    • Certified Energy Worker, Reader and Healer (graduate of 3.5 year program through Clearsight)
    • Bach Flower Practitioner