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What To Do When You Feel Like Others Have Hijacked Your Train

In case you were wondering what happened to Wisdom Wednesday last week… when I sat down to write, the feeling I had felt confused and murky and unclear. And then when I began to write, what was coming out felt the exact same way. What the heck?! Try as I might, it was all jumbled and made no sense, so I just “let go” of my expectations to send out a message last week (yoiks!).

The energy of this week feels so much clearer. And yet, despite things feeling clearer, I find myself in a difficult situation. Imagine you decide you’d like to take a trip and you invite a friend to come along. Each of you are excited about the possibilities of going on the trip so you begin to make plans. Then imagine your friend meets up with another friend, and the two of them start taking about the trip. Both of them get excited. Now imagine that your friend and this other person are so excited about this trip that they start making plans and booking tickets and setting things in motion, all without you saying “yes” to anything. The trip was your idea, you initiated it, and as far as you knew, your trip had nothing to do with this third person. All you know is that you had intended to go on a trip with your friend and had asked them to come along.

In the meantime, many plans have been put in place, without you knowing or having input. By the time you find out what has been put in place, the train has left the station and nothing that they are doing is what you originally had in mind. So what do you do? Do you hop on board their train? Or do you make the choice to let go and continue creating the trip you had originally had in mind? Do you let go of the idea of having your friend come along? This is where I find myself this week. I need to make some choices.

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation?

So here I sit to write for this week’s Wisdom Wednesday, intending to connect with the highest ones of love, light and wisdom. To connect with Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the greater part of me, beyond the veil of this Human Walk. And I ask, “What is in the highest and best interest to communicate for Wisdom Wednesday?”

Peace | ManifestYourMission.netPeace. How can you create more peace in your life? We encourage you, especially now, to find ways to bring more peace, and peace of mind, into your daily life.

The tension and dis-ease in your world right now can have an negative impact on your health. And when we speak of health, we speak in broad, all-encompassing terms. Health of your body. Health of your mind. Health of your spirit. Health of your emotions. Health of your community. Health of your family and friends. Peaceful ways of being in your daily life will greatly reduce your anxiety and the physical manifestation of dis-ease. Many of your dis-eases are unnecessary and can be averted with an increase in feeling peaceful.

Take the time each day to be in a state of peace in your body, in your mind, in your emotions, in your spirit. Perhaps a bath is calming for your body, mind and emotions. Or swimming in the ocean. Or painting a picture or writing. For some, gardening is a way to connect with the land and clear away the stress from the day. For others it may be walking in nature or meditating or exercising.

Find something that you enjoy that increases your peace and joy. This will lighten your heart and ease your earthly journey.

Now I was curious, and needed more information about how to approach the current situation I face. So then I asked, “What is the root of the dis-ease and dis-comfort I feel with the situation I currently face and how it is unfolding? What do I need to know that will bring me more peace, more awareness, and more clarity regarding what to ‘do’ or ‘not do’?”

Be honest. Honest in how you are experiencing the events. Speak your truth, not from a place of judgment, but rather from a place of peace and clarity and observation. And from a place of dis-attachment to any notion of “right” or “wrong.” Instead, come from a place of honouring all those involved in the situation. And remember to honour yourself, too. Honour your feelings and honour your inner “yes” and “no” regarding any action you may decide to take, or not take, as the case may be.

Do your best to speak your truth in a way that creates space for all to be honoured and for all “ways of being” to be “okay” and without judgment. Now, when we say this, we do not mean that in the process of honouring others and creating space for them to walk their own path that you just blindly go along in an effort to “not cause waves.” No, this is another opportunity to express your truth and communicate what is feeling honouring and feeling like a “yes” and what is not feeling like a yes without the need to make anyone wrong.

It is just choices that everyone is free to make. Merely choices. And some times the choices others make may require you to disengage in order to honour yourself and your inner “yes” and “no.” And that is OKAY! Again, if everyone could allow for the possibility of every choice and answer being “okay” without the need to judge the choice as “right” or “wrong”, you create an environment for all to express their truth freely, without feeling judged to be wrong.

So then it comes back to deciding what you’d like to have happen. What you’d like to create in your reality. Each time you make a choice, conscious or not, you create agreements with yourself and manifest future experiences. For example, if you make the choice to go against your inner “yes”, then what you are telling your subconscious is that you’d like more experiences that place you into situations that feel like an inner “no.” Do you understand?

Conversely, each time you honour your inner “yes”, you affirm you’d like more experiences that generate an inner “yes” for you. This is the planet of free choice so you have a sandbox to play in. What will you create? It is all up to you and what you’d like to experience more of.

If you make the choice to allow people to treat you poorly, then you affirm to yourself that you’d like more of those experiences. Contrast this with speaking your truth. Yes, there will be some who make the choice not to hear or want to listen or accept your truth. They want to push their own agenda forward. And that is OKAY! At the same time, you do not have to agree with them, nor do you need to judge them. All you need to do is decide what YOU would like and how YOU would like to interact, or not. This is a natural filtering process.

As you change and grow, your frequency changes and as your frequency changes, you will become “incompatible” with the frequency of certain people, even people you feel you are close to now. Celebrate! Celebrate when this happens! Yes, these people may move out of your life. And that is OKAY! You will then be compatible and harmonious with others, walking your path with them for as long as they are compatible.

This is the way of the universe. Like attracts like. As you change, the agreements and beliefs you hold about yourself (and others) will change, thus who you attract into your life will change.

Rest your heart at ease. Know that you have choice every step of the way. Know that there is a golden tray solution for every situation you face in your human life, even if you currently cannot see or feel it. Just trust yourself more and more each moment. And trust the step-by-step process and you will move through all situations with as much ease as is possible with your current level of understanding.

So what situation in your life right now requires attention and speaking your truth? Are you willing to feel the fear and do it anyway? Can you be in the mindset that everyone’s opinion and choice is okay? Can you honour everyone’s choice, including your own? If you need to extricate yourself from a situation you currently find yourself in, are you willing to feel the fear and honour your inner “yes” and “knowing” and take the required action to extricate yourself?

There is no judgment one way or the other. It is just choice. Always and in all ways.

Much love and light and peace to you this day and always.

Have you ever felt like others have hijacked your train? If yes, comment below and let us know how you decided to handle it.




  • What a wonderful message for ME today, since we were threatened by an acquaintance which we helped financially in the past but extricated ourselfves from due to his choices of abusing his wife. Our son got too involved with the situation and is now making the choice to back away in a way that is not judgemental nor abrupt. On our 46th wedding anniversary this man came to our home to threaten us and our son; and the police had to be called. We are still getting threatening calls, yet have chosen to try to see all sides and needs of each person.. My husband and I have chosen to NOT engage verbally with him or his wife, and after today, our son who is helping us here at home because of my husband’s heart problems, blood clot, and post surgery issues, has now chosen to do the same. We did not give in to FEAR, ANGER, or our own EGO which is JUDGEMENTAL of him or her. We still send our love and compassion to their situation, THEY ATTRACTED this situation to themselves(Universal Law of Attraction), and for a time, our son’s focus on THINKING that he was helping(prevented them from learning their OWN lessons) and attracted it to HIMSELF ALSO! Staying in love, finding time to go outside in Nature, putting our feet on Mother Earth in quiet meditation helps. Also going INSIDE helps ME to CENTER and to stay CALM. By using Dr. Kathryn E. May’s technique of Visual Centering, pulling our focus BACK,(like a camera lens widens the view) and disengaging with strong negative emotions so as to SEE the BIGGER PICTURE and find choices which honors ALL. I take to heart your way of presenting the “GOLDEN TRAY of PEACEFUL RESOLUTION”.Sometimes the best action IS to just LOVE! (Others THINK this is doing nothing) . I AM sending this love energy to the higher self of those involved with our government and military.right now, also. It is the same love in ACTION. WE , as individual sparks of the Creator, DO have the power to TRANSMUTE and HEAL with LOVE. We just need to REMEMBER that we CAN!

    • Oh my, what a rollercoaster ride you’ve been on, Helen! I am appreciating your ability to stay centered and respond from a place of love and compassion. Wow, a challenging situation indeed.

  • Dear Cheryl,
    Your message is full of Light. It’s coming to me in one of the worst periods of my life, when I’m touching the depressions of discouragement because of the political and economic situation of my Country (I’m in Europe). The lasting political corruption, at any level, has brought to the disruption of our wealth, job losses (including my own, for so many months now) beyond any acceptable level, and it looks like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. Full stop here.
    I know, in the deep of myself, that it’s right what you say, that a change of focus makes you resonate with a different vibration, but at the moment I’m really feeling so stuck, and my current saying “no” to what goes around and is not in line with my inner soul, translates for me in a sort of “runaway” rather then in a real transformation, and it’s taking me nowhere, with a constant dis-ease. Exactly the same situations you’re figuring out in your article.
    I feel some big acknowledgment will soon come for me, but I’m really really feeling so heavy now.
    Somehow “comforting” (joke) the fact that last week an unexpected confusion passed through your thoughts, as well… It looks like we’re all going through a period of crisis, no matter where in the world we live… And yep, something big is awaiting for us.

    Thanks for sharing your inner thoughts with your precious sensibility, your human delicacy and humility, and your divine guidance. It makes each of us feeling less alone, and more part of a whole!

    God bless you! 🙂

    • I’m hugging you from here Danilo! 🙂 So sorry to hear you are facing SO many trials, especially about losing your job and struggling with your health. Know that my spirit walks beside you as you pass through “The Valley of the Shadow of Death” you are currently experiencing. The old energies are really causing problems! And perhaps we can connect via this month’s meditation this Sunday (be on the look out for the email). In the mean time, I send you much light and love. <3

      • Thank you Cheryl, really appreciated. Let’s open the Heart with Hope to the New, then!
        I’ll do my best to be online on Sunday.
        Lots of Love! <3

  • Yes, I have felt like that . Most recently concerning Thanksgiving or Xmas. I asked my grand-daughter which event she preferred that I travel to her town for. Sense she was the 1st one I was asking , I would make my decision in her favor. She chose Thanksgiving over Xmas because her husband has a huge family and they plan many activities over the holidays . And it would be easier to spend time with me T.D. So I said OK. Sense then I realized that is my sons(her Father) 60th birthday on Xmas eve. I can’t do both. So now of course I want to be there with my son for his big 60 and Xmas. I have been agonizing over what to do . This a.m. I woke up knowing I had to be with my Son. Every thing is Peaceful now . I see all of my family filled with peace and understanding. I’m happy and at peace too !
    So thank you for your story this a.m. It solidified that I am doing the right thing by making this choice of what feels right with me.
    Thank you !!!!!!
    Today I am e-mailing my Grand-daughter that I am very sorry but I will be spending T.D. ( Turkey Day )at my home 3,ooo miles away and Xmas in her town which is also where my son and his wife live .Close to her and her other siblings . Which I’m sure will all be at the Then what she chooses to do on T.D. & Xmas is her choice. That what ever she chooses is fine with me. That I am sure I will see her several times while I am there.

    • Mary, it gladdens my heart to hear you have chosen to honour your inner “yes” and that after doing so, you felt more peaceful!

  • YES! It has been my experience that some people make hijacking your plans an ‘art’. I’m smiling when I say this, because I choose to stay in touch with these people and allow the energies they bring to the situation. What is frustrating is when later they tell me they felt bad because they did not have a chance to speak about ‘everything’ they wanted to at a social event I had planned, even though they had taken up most of everyone else’s time. My response to this type of comment is “I think it was great that you had everyone’s attention at the beginning of the event.”

    The reason I keep in touch with people like this is because they do bring another perspective to the event that might not have been shared and I like to hear lots of perspectives when choosing the one that matches closely to my truth. In all cases, I still maintain my truth, even if I choose to change my mind. That has been a good lesson for me. There is no right or wrong, only different perspectives because of all our different experiences.

    I must admit that I have walked away from many, many people that I cannot share a perspective with, mainly because they appear to have a negative view of everything and everyone…and yet I do keep one or two in my life to remind me that there are many people like this in the world.

    If I were to take a trip with someone, I would ask myself quite honestly “Where do I want to go and who do I want to take with me?” That includes a vacation trip and/or my life’s journey. (smile)

    • Thank you for sharing Janet! Yes, not only do we have choice about what we’d like to “do” or “not do” in any given situation, we also have choice about whether we want to stay in touch with others, regardless of any other choice we make. Choice, choice, choice!

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