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Find out what the world’s leading experts have to say about metaphysics and manifestation. Listen in as each speaker shares about their life’s journey and how they came to be carrying out their “mission.” Discover the challenges they faced, the lessons they learned, and the techniques they developed as their personal connection to Spirit deepened, through the art of manifestation.

Sit back, relax, and tune in from the comfort of your own home (or on the road!) as our experts guide you through transformational exercises aimed to help you take next steps in your journey. Discover practical tips you can apply in your daily life. Connect with other like-minded people (via the Manifest Your Mission Facebook group) to share thoughts and experiences regarding each speaker’s topic and exercises.



Series Special Welcome & Overview (76 mins)

START HERE: Welcome Event & Series Overview


Dr. Amber Wolf Co-host of “Manifest Your Mission” [/one_third_last] A special welcome and introduction by honoured guest Lee Carroll to celebrate passing the December 21, 2012 marker, our entry into the Golden Era, and what this means for us going forward. Join in to collectively bless the sacred journey of manifesting the unique gifts you came here to share with the world.

Gain an overview of what you'll experience in the series and how to prepare yourself to get the most out of it;

Hear about Lee's personal experience and how he applied many of the tools you will re-member in these 22 speaker interviews;

Get into the 'manifestation mindset' and set a magnetic intention to manifest your mission and co-create with Spirit in 2013, and beyond!



Ascension & Responsibility

Marilyn Harper

Channel for Adironnda

Walk-ins Welcome! Ascension and Responsibility (121 mins)

My business partner, Joeaux, and I are both walk-ins. We have a delightful, synchronistic story of how the two (complete opposites) of us were brought together by Spirit, 3 years ago, specifically to be advocates and evangelists for people who have experienced a walk-in. I speak about what that looks like for family and loved ones as well as the walk-in. I believe I am the foremost expert on the subject, we hold a conference for walk-ins each year… I will talk about why there are so many people experiencing this phenomenon now, how to integrate, and what the NEW responsibilities are of these highly unique Earth Angels. Discover:

How to identify the signs of the Universe that Spirit will use to bring you together with others in highly unimaginable ways;

How to tap into your global mission.Mine is to create happiness on the planet by gently awakening people. I am given the vocabulary to speak to anyone about Spirit, the 5th Dimension… even the fundamental Baptist preacher who just so happens to sit by me on the airplane—so can YOU!

That facing your darkest fears are actually your life path filled with huge opportunities. The darker the fear, the bigger the breakthrough. Find a cosmic cheerleader to cheer you on!

Specific examples of Earth Angels at work on the planet today.

Sitting in the silence is the way to peace – it is literally the “weapon” of the future, of the now. Peace within, peace all around us. It is so simple!

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Lenedra Carroll

Singer, Artist, Author

Ascension and Enlightenment—Are we there yet? What is the difference? How will I know when I get there? (78 minutes)

After a successful career in the music industry, I had a spiritual crisis. My thought was, “Either all this stuff about enlightenment is real, or its crock and I need to know which, now!” I realized that anything else I might do depended on my answering that. I divested myself of everything: bank accounts, credit cards, car, home, money, career identity, and set out on a four-year walk-about to understand what enlightenment might or might not be in my life. And whether a regular, non-monk-human-being could actually access it. That walk-about changed my life and brought that peace that passes understanding, the security of the wisdom of the inner lotus, the providence of the Lilies of the Valley, solidly, fully, and finally into my own life. Can one really live a fully enlightened life? What would that be, mean, look and feel like? Having answered those questions for myself, it’s now my blessing to share those answers with others who are also ready to sort out the BS and courageously live in their own radiant truth!

What is the difference between Ascension and Enlightenment;

How will I know when I get there?

Is it really possible to live a fully enlightened life?

Will I have to sacrifice my family? Will my friends still know me?

Will my problems dissolve? What will I gain?

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The Nature of Contracts and Your ‘Plan B’





Deb de Lisi

Lifequakes—How to Transition Through Upheaval (65 minutes)

Many have experienced moments in life that makes us scream out: “Dear lord! Did I really sign up for this?” These spiritual earthquakes jolt us out of our comfort zone and often tear down the structure of our lives. The deepest changes can come from these type of experiences if we can see them for what they are, and what they are not. Join Deb as she offers insights and real life inspiration on how to engage the help of your conscious and subconscious mind to revitalize your purpose and mission. Discover:

How to creatively engage in your new life;

How to empower the creator in you to start your new beginning;

The higher purpose of challenges and change;

How to rewrite your life contract.

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The Nature of Contracts and ‘Plan B’ (90 mins)

What is a contract and how important are they to our advancement? We will also address what a Plan B contract is how we can consciously activate them along with the sacred contracts carried by our spirit. The last 10 minutes of the segment will be a live activation given to release outdated contracts and activate your spirit’s sacred contracts. Discover the processes we humans go through with our contracts including:

How contracts are made and what they mean;

Phantom Death. What is it and how does it work? How does it affect existing contracts?

How to re-negotiate outdated contracts.

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Relationships and Co-creation





Fred Burks

Transforming the Shadow (95 mins)

Many are uncomfortable looking into the shadows both within ourselves and out in the world. This talk invites us to open to ever greater love and connection through reframing our beliefs around negativity and reconsidering our fear of the shadows. When we learn to dance gracefully with the shadows, our lives can transform in profound ways.

Are you afraid of your own shadow?

What happens when we embrace our fears as teachers?

Are Bush, Cheney, and Kissinger divine beings who are included in the 'we are all one' claim?

What happens when we treat everyone and everything, including negativity, as divinely created and inspired?

What becomes possible when we learn to dance gracefully with both the shadows inside ourselves and out in the world?

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10 Ways to Grow a Relationship of Mutual Personal Development (82 mins)

Something as intimately personal and private as your own personal evolution of consciousness can’t be comfortably shared with just anyone. With what kind of person could you share something so profound? If having this kind of life partner is important to you, how can you BE that kind of person? Discover:

How you can keep your partner’s own best interests in mind, and how you can respect and honor your partner’s direction, even if it’s different than your own;

How you can “team” evolve naturally so that each person uses their talents and knowledge to benefit the team;

How you can mature beyond the need to be “right”;

How dedication to communication evolves over the course of a relationship;

How come the expression of gratitude important.

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Clearing the Path





Kahu Fred Sterling
Channel for Master Guide Kirael

Heal Yourself, Heal Your Neighbor, Heal the World: Manifesting Optimum Health Through Signature Cell Healing (93 mins)

Our doctor world tells us we are using 1/6th of our strands of DNA, the rest of it is classified as “JUNK” We’ve found the key. As knowledge of Signature Cell Healing reaches around the world, lives are transformed. Discover:

A simple daily practice that fascilitates self-healing for your body can begin;

New information about the amazing power of heart neurons;

How an understanding of these healing principles, can help you realize your potential to empower others.

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Ana Holub

Discover the Healing Power of Forgiveness (84 mins)

Our society has long rewarded the “tough guy” who fights back and doesn’t give an inch. In this distorted view of power, winning is the only goal, and forgiveness is a sissy’s game. There is a radically different way to live. If you choose the path of forgiveness and peace, you’ll be a stronger person for it. Forgiveness is a spiritual experience. It lives on the spiritual plane, and it has the power to take you all the way to freedom. It is one of the most basic and essential skills anyone on a spiritual path needs to learn. There’s just no way to move into higher states of consciousness until you forgive others, yourself and Life itself. In this interview, Ana will share her wisdom about:

The difference between traditional forgiveness and radical, ecstatic forgiveness;

The benefits of forgiveness, such as improved immune response and stress reduction;

How letting go of your suffering automatically opens up your intuitive wisdom;

The connection between emotions, forgiveness and planetary peace;

The radical truth that there's nothing to forgive.

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Clearing Your Cosmic Hairball (65 mins)

Do you feel that something within you keeps getting in the way of your successful career or personal life? Do you find yourself stuck in repeated patterns of bad relationships, conflicts, and dead ends, no matter what you do? Do you ever get the impression life is trying to tell you something, but you’re not getting it? Could it be your copy of “The Secret” had a page missing? Actually, there’s a real purpose to those repeating patterns, and there’s also a way out of them. Life isn’t out to get you, it’s trying to help you clear old negative stuff within you, to make room for your fulfillment. Call it a “cosmic hairball”, your higher consciousness wants that old stuff up and out of you! In our conversation with author and intuitive guide Max Highstein, he’ll help us understand more about why we get stuck in repeating patterns, and how we can break free. Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

Where patterns of fear, anger, sadness etc. come frome;

The part Spirit plays in helping you clear the past;

How to recognize repeating patterns, and break free of them;

The free, natural, and incredibly effective way to clear your emotions, that drug companies don’t want you to know;

How to get through your stress moments faster, and actually take advantage of them.

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A State of Grace





Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe
Channel for “Adamus Saint-Germain”

Grace: Allowing Energy to Serve You (73 mins)

Ascended Master Adamus Saint-Germain defines Grace as consciously allowing energy to serve you. It couldn’t be simpler, but most people are still struggling to make ends meet, they’re physically run-down, and they’re emotionally/mentally confused. Far too many lightworkers are getting by with “just enough” rather living life abundantly. Join us as we share some of the simple and profound truths about how energy is ready to serve you… if you allow. Discover:

That you are a Being of Consciousness, not energy. Your passion attracts energy into your life.;

That energy is more available than ever before. It’s free and it’s abundant. Nobody controls it. It’s yours with the allowing;

The Master allows energy to serve them. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts;

This is the best time ever for creative projects and endeavors;

What will you choose, and what will you do, when you realize that vast quantities are energy are available to you right now?

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Andrew Oser

The Secret Key to Health, Happiness, and Success (65 mins)

LWould you like more ease and balance in your life? Do you often feel stressed or drained at the end of your workday? If so, this class is for you. You will learn highly effective tools to bring healing and balance to your body, mind, and emotions, and into your work and relationships. Alternation (switching back and forth) is the basic rhythm of the natural world. When you embrace the alternation principle and apply it in all areas of your life, you will find a deep sense of peace and happiness. In this class you will learn how to use alternation to:

Minimize stress and maximize performance;

Create healthy relationships;

Shift out of fear;

Clear limiting beliefs;

Quickly heal your body and emotions.

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Communication and the “Third” Language





Peggy Phoenix Dubro Creator of the “EMF Balancing Technique”

Living in the Energy and Presence of Infinite Love! (92 mins)

I am a very practical mystic, in love with my family of humanity. In my first awakening at the age of 22 years, I experienced the presence and energy of Infinite Love and that is the energy I have pursued all these years. I have followed this love all around the world as a teacher with a keen awareness that I am also a student and in this way I continue to evolve. From the quantum perspective, we are all just beginning to learn the deeper truths of the new energy dynamics. We have begun the next level of learning how to live with one another in the awareness that we are individuals and at the same time we are all connected as a collective being. We are in constant communication through patterns of light and energy. The language we speak goes far beyond the words. To become more fluent in this third language opens us to new levels of consciousness. As we open, we become the quantum observer. As the quantum observer we are able to focus and direct our energy with greater clarity to co create our lives with more choice, ingenuity, and freedom! The Universal Calibration Lattice is a system in your energy anatomy that enhances the ability to organize patterns of light and energy more clearly as our ability to communicate in the “third language” evolves. I became aware of this system in our energy anatomy 1988. I have translated the information I received about this energy system into usable knowledge for these times of change. With the help of pioneers all over the world we have been using and proving how this system is an effective transceiver for the third language. It is a certainty for me that all of this is based in the timeless energy of Infinite Love. Discover:

The Universal Calibration Lattice and what it means to you as an evolutionary being;

How to plan and play, explore the self responsibility factor as you consider the balance of BEing and DOing in all of your intentions;

The resonance of 'Reflections,' using a specific statement of focused intent for your awareness and ability to evolve using the principles of the Third Language;

Inspire others as you clarify your ability to speak the third language and honor the infinite potential of yourself and others.

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Intent, Co-creation and DNA





Bethi Black Assistant Director International Human Design School

The Human Design System: The Operators Manual for Your True and Unique Life Purpose (73 mins)

The Human Design System provides us with an amazing map to understand our conscious and unconscious self, how our energy works and weaves with the energy of others and our environment, as well as how to make decisions as our true self free from the conditioning of others or our own mind.

We each have a unique life and life purpose that lives out through us when we are aligned to and in harmony with the mechanics of this body, this amazing form that we come into each lifetime. Through this correct alignment we live out our true potential for satisfaction, success, surprise and peace. And we are able to have our true impact, do our true work, have our true recognitions and offer true guidance, as well as understand our place in the totality. Discover:

That we are the midst of a great evolution and maturing of our spiritual awareness that is reflected in our genetics;

Your internal GPS that will keep you true to your path, if you can surrender to it;

You inner authority that is uniquely your own for decision making;

Your true role that you are here to live out with others, which is laid out for us through our genetics;

A practical strategy for decision making that is outside your mind.

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Your Vibrational Frequency

The Pineal Tones, Your Vibration, and Co-creation (94 mins)

Learn about the evolution of the Pineal Tones – multi-dimensional quantum sounds that were sung in the Lemurian Reunion Choir of December 21, 2012 and how they are evolving into the tones that will be sung in the Compassion choir and beyond. The Quantum message of the Compassion Choir releases and integrates information within ourselves, within the grids, and within the whales. Cancun is located in the vicinity of Chichen Itza, one of the 12 nodal points of the Earth for unlocking the treasures of the grids and those within you. Understand how you can co-create with this ancient quantum language of tones and tone pairs. Discover:

The positive effects of the Pineal Tones on your Being and the Earth now and in the future;

How practicing these quantum sound patterns can open you to hearing the voice of Source within;

What tone combinations unlock the manifestation codes through clearing fear;

How to co-create your full potentials, joy and abilities through listening and practice;

Understand how your personal participation makes a difference.

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Weaving sound and surrender into your world for vibrational expansion and transformation (95 mins)

Do you ever feel inspiration to do something but stop yourself because you don’t know how? Do you ever look at what others are doing and think “I could never do that!” Do you ever not even try something new because you conclude you can’t do it? Do you ever dream of a completely different life but feel stuck in the one you have? Do you feel confused about what you are meant to be doing in your life? Does speaking or singing in front of an audience fill you with fear? Do you think that you should only sing or play an instrument if you have learned how? Maia and Pratika inspire by example, with their extraordinary transformation from near clueless to professional musicians, by-passing conventions and making it up as they go along. They share many great tools they’ve discovered along the way, applicable whether your journey includes music or not. They share how sound and surrender can fast track your vibration to a higher frequency. Discover:

How having ZERO idea about what you are doing can be a great start to create amazing things and raising the planet’s vibration, including your own!

How to use your body as an instrument for consciousness and turn the mundane into a tool;

How to free yourself using 'discordant' sounds;

How to recognize intuition’s enemy and get the better of it;

How you can be the Voice of the New Earth.

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Business, Prosperity & Your Interdimensional Nature

Confessions of a SoulOpreneur—Learn what it takes to obtain “lift-off” in an enlightened business world (96 mins)

Were you raised like I was? Go to school, get a good job, get a promotion, get a raise, buy stuff. Repeat. It use to be self-employed (or a consultant) meant you were “between” jobs. Even if you did pursue owning your own business, chances are you were never taught the business part, especially if you chose an esoteric type of a career. Well, I’ve got good news! It is now officially cool to be self-employed! And, the word “woo-woo” is met with a friendly smile. So, how do you obtain lift-off of your business idea? Especially if it’s in the woo-woo world? 3 words: 100 Percent Transparency. Are you ready? Discover:

The power in choosing YOUR clients/customers;

Why working harder and more hours will never make you more money;

How to create an {{{Energetic}}} Marketing plan;

Why networking doesn’t work;

How to discover the SoulOpreneur within YOU.

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How Writing a Transformational Book Can Help You Connect With Kindred Spirits, Authentically Share Your Message, and Start the Process of Transitioning from a “Job” To Your “Joys” (89 mins)

Lightworker, do you feel called, deep within, to share a message with the world? Would you like to magnetically attract kindred spirits who resonate most with your messsage? Do you feel strongly called to make the transition from earning a living via a “job” to prospering via your passions and “joys” in life? One of the most powerful and effective ways to do this is to share your wisdom and message via a book. When developed with a few specific things in mind, your book can magnetically attract those you are meant to serve. Your book can also become your ideal salesperson—let’s face it, most of us Lightworkers really dislike “selling” and get the serious “icks” if we even think about it! With a few magical marketing tips, your book can lay the foundation for a series of valuable courses, as well as a path to abundance and prosperity.

Why now (more than ever) a book can magnetically attract those you are meant to serve;

7 reasons why writing a transformational book is your ideal client magnet;

5 ways to attract and serve new (or more) clients before you even finish your book;

The #1 reason most aspiring authors fail, and how you can avoid making this mistake;

3 strategies to prosper from a book.

Spiritual Nutrition





Marguerite Ogle, M.S. Wellness and Life Coach Nutrition Educator Health Writer

Aligning Your Diet with Your Spiritual Life (73 mins)

Do you ever feel like your spiritual life is one place and your diet and physical health are in a different realm? You, like many lightworkers, may find that the stresses of daily life, and the very real energetic demands of your work, can leave you disconnected from nourishing yourself on a basic level. But the truth is: physical, mental and spiritual well-being is your natural state of existence. It is time to align your inner-connectedness with how you live your life and nourish yourself on all levels, including your diet. Discover:

The role of compassion in a healthy diet;

How to overcome the cycle of ungrounded eating;

How a cleansing diet may, or may not, benefit you;

How to open yourself to true nourishment;

The 1st spiritual key to weight loss.

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Accessing Skills Learned in Other Lifetimes





Dr. Amber Wolf Co-host “Manifest Your Mission 2013 Summit”

When the going gets tough, where does Spirit go? (95 mins)

So many times we’re sailing along through life, everything seems fine, and then WHAM—the proverbial banana hits the fan and what a mess! Suddenly life is upside down and the last thing you seem to have time for is you, your Spiritual practice, eating right, sleeping enough; the good things in life. Wait! What just happened there? Let’s get to the bottom of this ongoing dilemma and create a paradigm shift in our flip flop reactions, because let’s face it, when we’re out of touch with Spirit, things just don’t get better. Together we can come back to our innate state of balance; living in the physical as a Being of Spirit—it’s easier than you think! We will explore:

Being already, always, perfect;

Highsight and habit: a positive pair;

'Hello, my name is resistance, meet my friend rejection';

Re-minding: start your day connected;

Lightworkers unite 'I see the God in you'.

Conscious Creation and Your “NOW” Map





Hank Baker

Part 1: Love, Creating Your Future, and How to Do It (90 mins)
Part 2: Cheryl has a meltdown and nearly cancels the series: Hank Walks Her Through a Healing Session (97 mins)

Know thyself. When we ask the right questions, each of us can make effective, lasting changes within ourselves. So what is the correct question to ask? From my experience, the client will tell you exactly what it is. The trick is to know what to listen for. The whole objective is to gather information from the client. The information is all about their internal representation of an experience that is the cause of generating an outcome that they either DO or DO NOT want to have happen. It’s about knowing HOW to make changes to the cause of the manifestation in our life; how to be effective in listening.

So how does effective change take place or happen? Many people collect information about what is going on, however make little to no changes within themselves. Some really want to make a change, however they feel that the price of change will be too high. In other words, they have a fear that if they make a change, they will loose something, thus are better off keeping the current situation as is. The choice is always ours. What people often fail to realize is that making a change within ourselves is 99.9% painless. And the change can happen in an instant, or NOW! Discover:

Discover who you ARE;

How the brain processes information;

The key to manifestation;

The power of words;

How to create an achievable outcome.

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Special Series Finale & Recap (120 mins)


FINALE: Thank You Event & Series Recap


Dr. Amber Wolf Co-host of
“Manifest Your Mission”

Join us for a special closing message from Ronna Herman along with an inspiring message about mastering the art of manifestation through deliberate, conscious control of your imagination! That you, by virtue of your spiritual awareness, possess the ability to become the most expansive expression of your being!

A review of the most important insights that our experts shared throughout the series;


Bonus practices that will support you to begin to integrate your breakthroughs into action;


AND…some bonus surprises—you've got to listen receive them!






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