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2nd Sunday Meditation – 10 Nov 2013

In this month’s meditation, we re-connected with all Manifest Your Mission participants. To start, we took time to connect with each other and send healing thoughts to the Philippines in aftermath of the recent typhoon. Dr. Amber Wolf then lead us through a healing meditation. Ah, SO good!

Please post a comment below and let us know what your experience of this meditation is!

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  • ALOHA!!!
    Благодарю !!!
    Мы все одно Сердце!!!
    И это так…

    • Здравствуйте Уважаемая Ольга!
      Благодарим Вас за добавление свою энергию на этой медитации.
      Любви и Света

  • Thank you for this meditation. It has found me or I it high in the Andes where I now find myself knowing I should be here but not much more. The mission, connecting with my blueprint puts all of that beautifully in perspective

    • Wow, it is SO fantastic to be connecting with you across the 1,000s of miles. I just LOVE how the internet can help us connect with our global family 🙂

  • Hi Amber and Cheryl,

    Thank you for this beautiful meditation. I loved being guided, the sound of your calming voice Amber and the image of connecting with our soul’s blueprint. I look forward to downloading it to listen again.


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