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There is Only One Moment – Part 1

If I could take one moment in time
To be your best
What could it possibly be?

You hear my words
And share them with an open and loving heart
What could be better than that?

For me
It isn’t about
One best moment
It is the essence of truth
Shared in a loving light
Which speaks of a best possible way to share love

Love is the essence of truth
Truth is the ultimate gift
Of love
It’s one and the same

If you were to wrap the best
Into one moment
Then let that one moment last for all time
Let it reach out to touch the edge of time
In all directions
And let your whole life be
About that

We can compare each other to one another
But what is there to compare
(If we are all one)
Accept the way in which we conduct ourselves?
Conduct yourself in the way of love,
To be the best of your ability
And let the rest fall away into the nothing that it is

I can honestly say
That nothing else matters
Accept for love
And as such
If we hold ourselves to that high standard
Then we must breathe in the beauty of all existence
And breathe out the same to others

Open your heart to love
And let that be who you are
Across all time and place

There is only one moment, ever
And that moment
Is now

Spirit via Catherine [ August 12, 2013 ]


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