Steve & Barbara Rother

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The Nature of Contracts and “Plan B” (60 mins & 30 min Q&A)

Steve & Barbara Rother
Channel for
“The Group”

What is a contract and how important are they to our advancement? We will also address what a Plan B contract is how we can consciously activate them along with the sacred contracts carried by our spirit. The last 10 minutes of the segment will be a live activation given to release outdated contracts and activate your spirit’s sacred contracts. Discover the processes we humans go through with our contracts including:

How contracts are made and what they mean;

Phantom Death. What is it and how does it work? How does it affect existing contracts?

How to Re-negotiate outdated contracts.


Steve is the channel for “The Group,” a collective of loving entities dedicated to empowering humans. With guidance from The Group, he has written 6 books that are translated into 17 languages. Steve and Barbara—his wife of more than 40 years—have traveled the world these last 17+ years presenting seminars and bringing together spiritual family.

They are 5 time presenters at the United Nations on two continents. Now they are exclusively presenting information globally over the Internet through their video network

Barbara is also an author in her own right with her monthly “Connecting the Heart” column. They are also the hosts of the VirtualLight Broadcast each month which brings together some of the greatest spiritual leaders of our time in a free three hour internet gathering each month.