Maia & Pratika Kshemya

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Weaving sound and surrender into your world for vibrational expansion and transformation.

Maia & Pratika

Do you ever feel inspiration to do something but stop yourself because you don’t know how? Do you ever look at what others are doing and think “I could never do that!” Do you ever not even try something new because you conclude you can’t do it? Do you ever dream of a completely different life but feel stuck in the one you have? Do you feel confused about what you are meant to be doing in your life? Does speaking or singing in front of an audience fill you with fear? Do you think that you should only sing or play an instrument if you have learned how?

Maia and Pratika inspire by example, with their extraordinary transformation from near clueless to professional musicians, by-passing conventions and making it up as they go along. They share many great tools they’ve discovered along the way, applicable whether your journey includes music or not. They share how sound and surrender can fast track your vibration to a higher frequency. Discover:

How having ZERO idea about what you are doing can be a great start to create amazing things and raising the planet’s vibration, including your own!

How to use your body as an instrument for consciousness and turn the mundane into a tool;

How to free yourself using 'discordant' sounds;

How to recognize intuition’s enemy and get the better of it;

How you can be the Voice of the New Earth.


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This is the message of the day (the recalibration of love) from all of the teachers on the stage – even those who supply the music have in their heart this message, and they are teachers as well.
—Kryon (Referring to Maia and Pratika at the Perth Kryon Event, Australia, March 2012

Breaking free of their very conventional upbringings, Maia and Pratika’s life experiences have been extraordinary and inspirational. Their esoteric perspective has shaped their world, and their work, in a truly wonderful way and created the possibility for them to inspire many.

Maia’s spiritual quest was triggered in 1982 and it blew her religiously confused atheism out of the water. Fortunately life would never be the same again. Before meeting Pratika, she had a diverse professional background spanning roles in public, private and charity sectors, including media, public education, photography, journalism, having a book published, and for a decade running her own successful public relations consultancy. She is a qualified Life Coach and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner.

She was a competitive rider in the Olympic disciplines of eventing and dressage, based on the fundamentals of ‘The Art of Equitation’ (considered a martial art). She also established and managed an equestrian centre and was a nationally accredited equestrian coach and judge until health issues took her life in a different direction.

Before meeting Maia, Pratika fulfilled many professional roles, including working in the field of paleontology; photographer, photo-journalist and photography teacher; manager of two remote indigenous communities; business development coordinator for two hospital foundations and also running businesses of his own.

His life transitioned from mainstream to spiritual in 1994 when he was introduced to meditation and went on to become a disciple of Sri Chinmoy. This included volunteering as a global humanitarian projects coordinator, marathon running in the worldwide, ‘Sri Chinmoy Harmony Run’ and experiencing the transformative nature of meditative music through Sri Chinmoy’s peace concerts and the prevalence of spiritual music at Sri Chinmoy Centres and retreats around the world.

In 2004 he was given a flute by another disciple and for the first time in his life, at the age of 52, he began to play a musical instrument. He left the path in 2007 after the passing of Sri Chinmoy.

With an informal background in music, Maia’s life took an unexpected 180 degree turn into full time music in 2008 when she acquired a ‘hang’ – a rare, unique, mesmerizing sound sculpture – and soon after met Pratika. Maia is an intuitive musician, singer and composer. Pratika’s improvised flute playing oozes lifetimes of sacred sound. Together they formed the ‘new consciousness music’ duo ‘Samjjana’ and travelled to share their music and their four albums.

Samjjana in Sanskrit means “a ceremony for harmony, unanimity and consciousness.” Maia and Pratika believe the music comes not from them but through them, and they see it as being more about the collective than the individuals who happen to be performing. The combined intention and peaceful heart-centeredness of musicians and audience together has a far greater effect for the benefit of humanity than those in the audience often realize.

Their family of alchemy instruments has grown from the initial combination of hang and Native American Indian flutes. It now include harps, chimes, Alchemy crystal bowls, harmonic whirlies, didgeridoos, ocarinas, xylophones, medicine and ocean drums, and Bansuri, Ney and Shakuhachi flutes.

Under the banner of “The Alchemy of Sound” they have continued to explore the power of voice and sound as a transformative medium for creating harmony, balance and awakening in people’s lives. They offer ever-deepening ‘sound immersions’ at their haven of harmony on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast – their home-based venue ‘Bhavan’. They also source and retail intuitive sound alchemy instruments so people can create their own blissful sound any time they choose.

Resonating very deeply for over a decade with Lee Carroll’s channellings of Kryon, in March 2012 Maia was elated when they were offered the opportunity to share the vibration of their music with audiences at the Australian Kryon seminars – their first attendance at Kryon events and a wonderful experience of coming home to, and initiation into family. Less familiar with Kryon, Pratika was so powerfully affected by the energy that at one point he was almost incapable of performing. A big, humbling highlight of their year was the very surreal moment when Kryon acknowledged them on stage.

They went on to attend the Kryon Summer Light Conference and Dr Todd Ovokaitys’ pineal toning workshop in Sedona, where Maia also connected profoundly and synchronistically with Tom Ledder’s Selenite Swords of Light, the Lemurian Sisterhood and Dr. Amber Wolf.

Participating in the Lemurian Reunion in Maui, 21 December 2012, was a huge highlight in their lives. Maia felt very honoured to also be invited to offer music at the Lemurian Sisterhood Opening Ceremony event, by the ocean, under the stars…where her ‘hang’ also felt right at home as it fulfilled its mission to contribute its unique Pleiadian vibration to the Maui gathering.

The Maui event has been quite a catalyst in their lives. Maia has since begun to fully embrace her claircognizance and clairsentience and has deepened her intuitively inspired ShaWoMan offerings of sound and energy alchemy – incorporating the extraordinary Selenite Swords of Light.

Launched in March 2013, “Voice of the New Earth” is an exciting new chapter in their lives that provides a platform not only for Samjjana and The Alchemy of Sound, but for far, far more – expanding to include other sound practitioners, performers, presenters and facilitators for music performances, conscious theatre and other creative arts, workshops, presentations, ceremonies and rituals.

It’s a magical project that highlights awareness of the choice that each of us has to either move or not move into the empowered new quantum paradigm of the new earth. It offers illumination, recalibration, activation and celebration… essentially it is a rite of passage to celebrate the shift into a new frequency – the vibration of Heaven on Earth.

With their joy of being in service and their trademark zeal, Maia and Pratika continue to offer their lifetimes-long accumulation of skills and talents and look forward to witnessing, experiencing and embracing the magic of Voice of the New Earth as it takes on a life of its own across the globe.