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What about procrastination?

You may have been wondering what the heck has been going on with the Wisdom Wednesday’s this past month. Well, to be honest, me too! For the past several weeks, every time I went to send out the weekly e-mail, I kept getting the inner “No.” And then another week would go by, I’d check in again, and still a “No.” What the heck?!? I’m still not sure “how come,” however I trust that this is in the “highest and best interest for all concerned” even if I may never become aware of the “how come.”

Sometimes listening to our inner “yes” and “no” can bring up lots of feelings and thoughts. In days gone by, I would have really been stressing out about this past month of “no” answers: worried that I’d be letting people “down” or about what people would say or wondering if I’d fallen into some sort of cycle of procrastination…. or any other number of mental and emotion tortures. While I may still have this thoughts pop in my mind, I am able to more quickly let them go and return to state of  “acceptance”, trusting things will work out.
I was mulling all this over and then one of our community members e-mailed:

Dear Cheryl and Amber,
My biggest challenge right now is procrastination. I seem to have elevated it to an art form. I make all these plans, then rationalize them away and don’t get anything done.
Much love,

So what about procrastination? Do you ever struggle and fight with it? I know when I face procrastination, I can end up feeling bad about having to “deal with it”. After all, shouldn’t I be “over that”? Do you beat yourselve up about it, too? Even torture yourself about it, lecturing yourself? I typically, will want to hide the fact that I am in the middle of struggling with it. Somewhere in my upbringing, the message that we are to “DO” was desirable and “good” and that “not DOing” was lazy and “bad”. And if we were ever seen to be lazy, we got crap for it. It was not until I was older did I begin to question things I was taught by my parents and Society, however by that point, many messages had already been cemented and  only later would I realize these ingrained thoughts and habits were the cause of limitations and problems I faced.

There are still times I really struggle with procrastination. To the point where I feel paralyzed and just want to mentally and emotionally “check out.” I ask myself, “Where does all that come from? How can I change it? How can I not have it?” Times of pleading to have the procrastination go away and stop plaguing me….  What to do about it? Sylvia’s e-mail prompted me to sit down and ask about procrastination and here’s what came through (and I am VERY curious to have feedback from others who also “asked” about it):

Yes, a struggle for many. A heavy burden for others. It is not a socially acceptable thing to you. Yet, you are faced with it and what to “do” about it. We invite you to get curious. Get curious and ask about the nature of what you are labeling procrastination. When you can adopt a “curious” approach then there is less struggle, less resistance, and more playfulness. What if there is a purpose to the “procrastination” you are experiencing. We are reminded of Deb De Lisi’s interview and her invitation to regard resistance or struggle [or in this case “procrastination”] as an ally or guard that is on your side.

What benefit or purpose does it play in your life? If you could regard “procrastination” as an ally, what positive intent is behind it? For some it could be your intuition attempting to communicate with you. For others it may be an indication of you “shoulding” on yourself. You know when you constantly tell yourself that you “should do this” and “you should do that” and you really “must do this”. And yet for some reason there is a part of you that is resisting. Could it be that whatever you are attempting to “should yourself to do” is at odds with a part of yourself. Perhaps a part of yourself that is below the surface and gets very little air time in your awareness?

For others “procrastination” may serve as protection. That for some reason, carrying out whatever it is you want to carry out will somehow place you in danger, perhaps emotionally, perhaps mentally, perhaps spiritually, perhaps physically. Ask your intuition, “What is the positive intent behind this feeling of procrastination?” Ask your body wisdom, “What is the positive intent behind this feeling?”

For some, procrastination may be tied up in wanting approval or control of some kind (and the fear of loss of approval). For others it may be tied to emotional security or physical survival. How about a sense of wanting to be separate? Each of these serve a purpose and point to an aspect of yourself that brings a level of “dis-ease”, there is an emotional experience(s) that is ripe for release. And in the releasing, you have an opportunity to shed another layer that currently covers the brilliance and radiance of YOU.

For some there may be a physical component at work. Meaning that a part of your body temple may be out of balance. Hormones? Low vitamins and minerals? Not enough sleep? Too much food. Not enough food? Lack of exercise? Too much exercise? Over exposure to electromagnetic radiation? Foods that create a heavy feeling in your body? Foods that you are allergic or sensitive to? An unhealed injury? Get yourself checked out. Experiment with different routines or ways of eating.

Also recall Kryon’s words of this being a year of recalibration and a year of full moons. You are under renovation mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Renovations may be underway in all aspects of your inner life and your outer life.Again, we encourage you to look inward. Ask your intuition. Ask your body wisdom. What positive intent does “procrastination” serve in your life right NOW. Wait for the image. Listen for words. Feel your body for answers. Notice when you have the question in your mind, what responses you receive. Speak your question out loud for your biology to hear. There is positive intent or purpose behind your behavior otherwise you wouldn’t keep doing it! This may seem an outrageous idea to entertain at first. However, we encourage you to be curious and trust yourself more and more with the answers you receive from your intuition and your body wisdom.  The more you ask and the more you open yourself to receiving information, the quicker it will come.

Try welcoming procrastination as a friend. If procrastination were a friend and ally, get curious and ask, “What are you attempting to help me with?”


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