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There is Only One Moment – Part 2

It is so funny to me. I open my heart to listen and I hear the first phrase and say to myself, “Wait a minute! That was yesterday’s topic! This can’t be right!” But I keep writing.

Then part way through I am thinking, “Okay, this doesn’t even make any sense! What I am writing is complete ramble without meaning, it is just random thoughts with no connection!” But, I have learned that my consciousness is not important in the process of listening, in fact, if it were out of the way, the message can be received with greater ease. I let my brain step aside, and just keep on writing.

Afterward, I felt completely exhausted and lay down and slept soundly for an hour.

Here are the words of Spirit! They are so beautiful to me, I feel so humbled and honoured to hear them. They make sense, they make perfect sense, isn’t it funny that I wasn’t able to process what I was hearing in the moment of listening?

Sharing these words is a joyful way to let this light shine out through me, not from me, to whomever it may be that might find need to hear them. So….. Yay!



Look Within Yourself And Reach For The Core Star

It’s this way today.

If we take one moment to be the best
There is a challenge
Inherent in the request

Look within yourself
And reach for the core star

Blue light

I can hear you say,
“What is the purpose of this kind of exercise?”
Let me explain

Looking within yourself to find the blue light there
Is why you’ve come to be
Reaching into your heart
To find the essence of blue
Creates a reason for your external existence

If I were to take you
Separate from your inner light
You would wither and fade
Because your inner truth
Is a deep,
Profoundly deep part
Of who you’ve come here to be

Look inward
And find your truth
Cherish it
Love it
Behold it for the beauty that it represents

Then let it shine
Let it shine
Let it shine

Does this mean
Explode into the world with who you are?

Does this mean
Open your core self up for all to see?

…. Hold out your light in the palm of your hands in a blinding blaze and let the world behold your true nature?

Is that what it means?

What if your light is blinding?


It’s okay to walk quietly

Listen for quiet ways to share your light with others
We want to share our light
In a gentle, meaningful way

Let the shadows fall away
Let your golden light shine



I conclude…

Let your love win



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