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Procrastination – Part 2

Tuning in to the highest ones of love, light, and wisdom… do you have any information for Wisdom Wednesday this week?

Yes, on the topic of procrastination we continue. What did you discover this past week regarding procrastination? Did you have any revelations about yourself or another? Did you discover a purpose for the procrastination that you had not yet thought about? This idea can be extended to other “bothersome” emotions you feel you want to “get rid of”, whether it is anger or apathy, resistance or reluctance. Ask yourself, “What purpose is this emotion serving in my life right now? What is it attempting to make me aware of?” Another useful question is, “Is this emotion mine? Or have I picked it up from another?”

Emotions are tools for you to use on this Earth plane. They can be a gateway to deeper knowing and deeper understanding about yourself and others, if you let them. And that is the key: to let emotions surface naturally, like when you were a child. When you are children, you tend to have much more freedom to allow yourself to express your emotions. They rise up like a wave, you feel them, then you let them go. Children have a much easier time of “letting them go” than you find as an adult.

During the course of your “domestication” on this planet, you learn (or agree) to suppress emotions in order to get a desired outcome. Unlike when you were a child, you learn to “hang onto” the emotions, sometimes never letting them go. Layers and layers are placed over them to “encase” the emotions, thus often they become so buried they are removed from your conscious awareness. Then a situation happens in your life that triggers this “old” emotion and suddenly it pops up “out of nowhere” and may often catch you by surprise, and may seem to be completely unrelated to whatever is going on in the present moment, or even the present lifetime! How about that?

Are you open to the possibility that an emotional reaction you are experiencing in this lifetime may not even have it roots in this lifetime, yet is being triggered by an event in this lifetime? So then you may ask, “Well, how do I clear it? Or do I need to clear it? Do I need to do anything about it?” The answers to these questions will be different from person to person, thus you need to ask yourself. For example, you could ask yourself, “Is it in the highest and best interest for all concerned that I have conscious awareness about this emotion and its origins?” Or perhaps ask, “Is it in the highest and best interest for all concerned that I take steps to clear it?” And again you could ask, “Is this emotion mine or another person’s?” We encourage you to take a curious approach. Ask questions and see what answers come back from your intuition and your body wisdom.

Another creative approach can be to use images on a board. Gather magazines or go on the Internet in search of images that you feel drawn to regarding the emotion. What comes back may surprise you and reveal awareness and understanding you knew nothing about.

In this day of technology, you have the ability to more easily communicate with others 1,000s of miles away and form connections in this life not possible in other lifetimes. Each time you do this a light thread is formed between you and the other person, like a filament in a light bulb. This brings more light onto the planet and has more impact that you may ever realize while on ‘that” side of the veil.

Play, explore, and have fun. Revel in the time and journey you have while on this Earth plane. You all have opportunities to have experiences that can only be had while living your life on that side of the veil. If you were a kid again, what would you like to explore? A question Cheryl found most useful from the work of Julia Cameron:

If you had 5 imaginary lives, what would you be in them?


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