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An Accident Brings Blessings

[From community member Victor Ocádiz…]

For sometime I have been thinking about the best way to put what I have been going through, to good use, helping everyone avoid or overcome similar situations.

So, without further introduction, read on!

I was born and raised in Mexico.  Since birth I have markedly been essentially the same: I possess a determined character, a loving nature, strength to overcome challenges & obstacles and a protective nature toward anyone who may be in need.

I pretty much lead a happy, healthy and prosperous existence until August 2008. Since August 2008, I’ve been overcoming challenges in the aftermath of a biking accident. This accident provided conditions that brought forth a portion of my life which I could not prevent nor stop what came to happen next.

I’ve been a cycling enthusiast since childhood. During a regular road biking training session, unmarked road work in my regular route provoked a fall, which caused me to loose consciousness. At the hospital, first I was declared brain dead. Afterward a doctor (uncle of mine) witnessed and notified the neurology director at the hospital to an involuntary response he saw in me. I was readmitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit and I was induced into a comma. They did this to help me overcome the consequences of the three brain hemorrhages caused by the fall.

Meanwhile, a lady I founded a business with, showed up at the hospital and revealed to both my parents and my wife that she and I were “involved beyond business.” My then wife, proceeded to swiftly divorce me while I was still dealing with the aftermath of having been in the induced comma for three months.  As my brain is healing, I have misplaced a lot of memories. I was tactlessly notified of my former wife actions, meanwhile the person I was involved with decided that she did not want to care for me after the doctor’s somber prognosis of my health.

All of this went on from August 2008 until mid 2011.  Around 2010, I started to rebuild my life the best I could. After I left the hospital, I went to live at my parents house and later with one of my sisters. I moved out to live on my own a little over a year after the accident.

My speech and physical rehabilitation have ended. My memory, speech and physical abilities have mostly recovered, while my intellectual abilities are back by what I believe to be somewhere between  95% and 98% and still improving.

With help I received from a leading top management institute (IPADE), I took a year long executive course that ended in mid 2000. Thanks to them I held a temporary junior position at IBM, then moved on to collaborate at a bank started by and owned by some youth friends of mine. A little over a year ago, I started collaborating with a road safety & road signage firm of gentleman friend.

As you can see, the life threatening accident wasn’t so bad, since it provided a path I’ve been following, leading me toward an improved existence on Earth this time around. So here I am, able and gladly willing to serve!


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  • I have read of your story! Thank you for the wonderful lessons there, patience, not judging others, for instance. We must ALLOW life to Happen, and find the lessons in each NOW moment. You are certainly MY HERO!

    So is Lee Carroll, as he could have refused to step up to his calling in life. I was in Memphis recently when Lee finished channeling Kryon’s message about “Recalibration of Beliefs”. He had tears in his eyes. Here the “Bible Belt” is a very difficult area of the country to speak one’s TRUTH and is very resistant to mankind’s awakening in ANY form. I am getting braver in speaking MY truth and am finding small pockets of those who are not afraid to speak theirs! I welcome this site, so we can share our own stories and gain strength in UNITY and numbers. I have it on good authority that Jesus/Sananda assures us that the winner in the battle for mankind’s return to the light ” will be the side with the most numbers. Humanity has ALREADY made the collective choice at the Harmonic Convergence! We just need to bring this truth into humanities WAKING consciousness! Yes, Kryon, I know- my first tool in my toolbox is “patience”, but I can DREAM until it is manifested!

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