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The Nature of Love

The Nature of Love is as such:

There is but one notion that needs to be portrayed.


What is it that you wish for?

I only say this because

There seems to be some doubt in your own mind as to what is right.


If there is this thing called Love

That manifests in the hearts of others

Is there not the same

            For anyone that comes across it,


An opportunity to hold that delicate trust

            That something


                        Is waiting for everyone?


Why would you doubt that the same would not be true for you?

Hold out your hand

            Open your heart

                        And let it in


That’s all it takes

It’s a willingness to let Love in


 ‘But,” you say, 

            “This is not for me.”


Why do you push love away

            With such a force?

Why do you deny the possibility for you?


 “Yes, but…”

           You say

And you hold out all the reasons why you can’t have what you desire most.

What a puzzle you make of your life!


—Spirit via Catherine [March 11, 2013]


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