Messages to Uplift


Always put yourself first
     In training the heart

Let your mind
     Breathe deeply into your heart
Let the muscles relax
          In meditation

Consciously take a step
     Into the light
And let the water flow through you

This is not a test
     This is not a
          “What if you choose a path other than that described by me
               What will I (spirit) do
                    With your disobedience?”

This is an offering of love
     That you may choose
          In your own time
               Or not
Either choice is yours to make.

Open your heart to this Summit
Let the words of the speakers
Wash over you
     In a fashion
          That doesn’t so much stick,
     As flow through
And wash the cobwebs out

The act of Remembering
     Needs space
Create some
And let the spaces fill
With clean, clear thoughts
     That fill up
          Over flow
               And wash away

A grain of sand
     Creates a pearl
Don’t let those ideas that “bug”
     Do anything for you
          Except bring light
               To places you may not have previously found

Love that
     And share that
          In the light that it was shared with you

Precious Golden Ball of light
     Fill the hearts of those who listen

          With the possibility

               Of attracting a deeper sense of connection

                    To each child’s inner truth

There is beauty in that

Hold out your hands (Cheryl and Amber)
     To the light

Let it flow from you
     As the path of creating
          Manifests in the hearts
               Of those who desire it most

This is our prayer

Consciously make a choice
To let love flow
This is our hope for you
     To the highest good


Spirit via Catherine [ May 4, 2013 ]


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