Tupelo & Janey Kenyon

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10 Ways to Grow a Relationship of Mutual Personal Development (60 mins & 23 mins Q&A)

Tupelo & Janey Kenyon

Something as intimately personal and private as your own personal evolution of consciousness can’t be comfortably shared with just anyone. With what kind of person could you share something so profound? If having this kind of life partner is important to you, how can you BE that kind of person? Discover:

How you can keep your partner’s own best interests in mind, and how you can respect and honor your partner’s direction, even if it’s different than your own;

How you can “team” evolve naturally so that each person uses their talents and knowledge to benefit the team;

How you can mature beyond the need to be “right”;

How dedication to communication evolves over the course of a relationship;

How come the expression of gratitude important.

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Tupelo and Janey Kenyon have been together since 1978, performing their unique style of uplifting music and comedy. Known as “Laughing Bird,” they have performed in all 50 states and many foreign countries. Their original music is upbeat and positive, featuring lyrics related to personal growth and the evolution of consciousness. They have recorded a dozen albums through the years, highlighting their empowering songs, as well as their uplifting and relaxing instrumental music.

Besides music, Tupelo and Janey both pursue other creative passions. Janey is a published author, and her book, “Wingin’ It—On the Edge Adventures” is also an audio book – a collection of 24 short-stories of their adventures traveling around the world. She is also an accomplished glass-working artist.

Tupelo owns a recording studio and is also a writer. He has produced many of his personal development articles into videos, which include excerpts of their music, as well as Janey’s stunning photographs and poinant quotes.

For 35 years, Tupelo and Janey have enjoyed a life of shared creativity and adventure. Their latest passion is a website that brings it all together – videos, songs, instrumentals, heart-warming stories, music performance videos, and personal growth articles to put a smile on your face and give your heart wings. They founded the “Inspired on Purpose Association” membership site, and offer a 30-day FREE-Trial with no obligation to showcase many examples of how their inspiring creativity helps others stay inspired, on purpose. InspiredOnPurpose.com