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I just attended my niece’s high school graduation! Oh, how time flies. On the one hand it seems like yesterday that she was 2 years old and we were drawing pictures, belly-down on the livingroom floor. On the other hand, both of us have had 16 year’s of life experiences go by since then. Wow!
Anticipating her graduation, she shared that she felt excited and nervous. Excited about completing such a huge goal and at the same time freaked out about stepping into the “unknown.” I could relate, as I felt the very same thing when I graduated high school many years ago. Having 12+ years of highly structured life and then someone tells you that it’s “over” can be kind of scary! While she has decided she wants to study marine biology (she just LOVES sharks), she also wonders what will happen next.
Can you think of a time when you felt the same way? Or perhaps you felt stuck, unsure what was next in life, or not knowing the next step to take?
After I got off the phone with my neice, I was thinking about our conversation and then I   started to write. Wondered if you might be interested so thought I’d share…

Go with the flow. In each moment, is there a way to “ride the wave” downstream rather than attempt to fight the current of events in your life? When you change your perspective, come from a different place of thinking, change your tune and harmonize with what IS, life can be more magical, more “graceful” as Geoff Hoppe says. 

The tendency with the human experience is to want to control every aspect of your creation. You can do this, as you have free will. And we also offer you an alternative: to ride the wave of possibility that is in your NOW. What is happening now that you can take a tiny step forward, such that you feel more joy? IS there a ay in which you can capitalize on your current moment? 

If you are brushing your teeth, can you take a little step such that even brushing your teeth is just that much more enjoyable? If you take the same route to work everyday, and you generally “tune out”, is there a small action you can take that will increase the joy or pleasure you experience while traveling from your home to work. 

If you have a job working with people, is there one small thing you can do today that would increase the joy and happiness you experience when you interact with our co-workers and the public? 

Seemingly small actions like these can have profound impacts on how your day progresses. Start with small experiments and just see what happens. Notice if you feel different. Did the small change leave you singing a different tune at the end of the day? 

Taking small actions will progressively add up to changes in your life, such that you increase the amount of time you feel joy and passion. As you feel more and more joy, your passions and potentials will have space to surface in your mind. Now thoughts will pop in and instead of immediately dismissing them you will be more open to entertaining them as possibilities. Perhaps even taking one tiny action that would bring an “aspect” of that potential forward so that you can experience a bit of what it would be like. 

Serve your NOW, be in your present moment, breath deeply and give yourself permission to experiment in your life. Give yourself permission to make a decision, experience the results, and then evaluate if you liked the result. If you’d like more of that result then keep along that track. If you didn’t get a result you liked, then change up your experiment and see fi you can create another result. Keep making changes to your experiment until you get the result you’d like! Give yourself permission to change your mind and change your direction. All of life is a grand experiment of creation. The question is, and always has been, what would you like to create now?



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