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A Tip For More Bliss When in A Storm

This continues to be a very intense year (yup, once again Kryon’s words of this being a year of full moon energy!). I don’t know about you, but I feel like things have been coming at me from all angles. It’s that time of year: back to school, a change in season, and many people find themselves overwhelmed with responsibilities and not enough time (or arms and legs!) to do everything we’d like to do. Including me! And then there is the added pressure of others letting you know how you’ve disappointed them or let them down. And throw in some very difficult conversations you KNOW you must have and you’ve got a perfect storm! What is a Lightworker to do? And then a loved one confessed to me that they have been contemplating suicide.

This abruptly snapped many of my “problems and stresses” into perspective. Once again, I sit down, take some deep breathes, intend to be connected to Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the highest ones of love, light and wisdom and ask, “What is in the highest and best interests for all concerned?” And the writing starts:

We are reminded of Kryon’s reference to you being a Lighthouse. That a Lighthouse is useful in a storm, yes? A Lighthouse does not get up and wander around “looking” for a storm, but rather a Lighthouse is anchored to the Earth [firmly & deeply rooted] and is constructed to provide light, shelter, and guidance when a storm happens. A Lighthouse is constructed to weather a storm and is needed in areas that have a tendency to have a high probability of accidents or dangerous situations occurring.

You are a Lighthouse. Like it or not. You did not come here to sit on the beach with your feet up, drinking your Piña Colada as the main focus on your Earthly journey this time around. Yes, other lifetimes you may have signed up for that (needed a “rest and recuperation” lifetime). However, this was not the “rest and recuperation” lifetime for you. Nope! Instead, you knew you’d be heading into a storm and so you prepared yourself. You picked your parents so they would help temper you, like a sword is tempered for strength in the fires.

You chose the country you’d be born into, again as a way to temper and prepare you for experiences in this lifetime. You chose particular scenarios to be exposed to [made arrangements to maximize the likelihood of being exposed to particular events] that would temper your Being. From the outside, many of you would NEVER have chosen the experiences, at least not consciously by the human part of you. And yet from a soul level, the larger part of you, the part of you that is aware of much more than just your current human lifetime expression this time around, knew EXACTLY what you hoped to experience. Thus, that larger part of you set the potentials in place to maximize the odds of it happening (we do have free will on planet Earth so nothing is fully written in stone).

And so there you are, in your tempering fire (parents, family, country, experiences) and out comes a more tempered human being. One that has gained experiences and can express in-form-ation in the unique way that only you can. You are in a position to uniquely connect with others who resonate with the sum total of your energy (the many levels seen and unseen). Your unique Lighthouse potentials are there for you to explore and share. Or not. The choice is yours.

And so you find yourself in the middle of a storm. Celebrate! This is an opportunity for you to share your light, a light that you are uniquely positioned to share. Celebrate! Your planning and preparation have culminated in this moment. Celebrate! Your are in a position to embrace the storm, rather than run away. There will always be storms, it is a question of how you move through them that determines your stress level, your health, your self-confidence, your ability to manifest your potentials.

Each time you experience a storm, you hone your abilities, you hone your skills, you reduce stress, you can increase peace, you can increase trust and confidence in yourself. You have the opportunity to shift from, “Can I do this?” to “How can I do this?” The perspective shifts from the doubting Thomas binary question of “Can I?” to the multidimensional approach of “How can I?”, which creates space, opportunity, and potential for you to access resources, skills and knowing from this lifetime AND OTHERS. This can be a practical 1st step to accessing the contents of your Akash. A simple shift in your question.

So, what situation are you currently facing where you can ask yourself, “How can I move through this situation with more peace and in a way that is in the highest and best interest for all concerned?” Continue to radiate love and light.

Comment below, and let us know how your experimenting goes!



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