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Right Timing

    There is a time and place for everything Isn’t that funny? With all the freedoms we share? I’d like to know the truth of that Would you?   Yes I would   I would like to share Listen in, if you like   A purpose             In love Has an order First this, then that. One cannot be fulfilled             Without the other   You’ve noticed   It’s not as harsh as it seems Here’s why   If I love you             And give you too much Where is the love in that? Your heart forms shadows at the thought I can see   Listen with an open heart             Listen with love   If I gave you             All – at once You would seize up With the wisdom of it With the weight of it             The shear mass   Knowledge has a weight             As such You would be crushed by your             Knowing Isn’t this the truth….    That bit by bit       Your spirit grows With each new pinnacle of Love?   Think of it      Take some time             You have all you need   I am part of a holy story for you      And I care for you deeply             In all ways   Light and colours      Animals and spirits They all join in the celebration      Of this dance of history unfolding   I can see the green      I can see the path in light             Stretched out before you   You choose what makes your heart sing as you come across it in your journey The opening is your choice One step at a time   —Spirit via Catherine [April 3, 2013]  

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