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Three Things to Ease Your 2013 Journey and Increase Abundance

When I left work it was beautiful, blue, clear skies. Then I drove to one of my favourite oceanfront lookout spots and the closer and closer I got, the more and more I descended into fog. As I sit writing, I am literally enveloped in fog! Visibility is about 250 feet. I’m thinking to myself, “Hmmm… this is interesting. I am just about to write for Wisdom Wednesday and here I sit surrounded by very thick fog! Is there a meaning to this, other than the weather?” It has me wondering if you are feeling foggy. Are you feeling like you have no idea which way to go because you can’t see a bloody thing!? Do you feel like you are surrounded by fog, leaving you at a standstill? As I sit, I intend to connect to Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the highest ones of love, light, and wisdom. I verbally ask, “What is in the highest and best interest for all concerned to convey for this week’s Wisdom Wednesday?” Welcome to the transition period called 2013! This is an energy of change. An energy of change. An energy of change! Just when you think you know what is going on… BOOM, another change. Dear ones, you are “finishing” many things on your side of the veil, in preparation for the other side of the bridge. What bridge you might ask? The bridge that divides the current energies from those higher frequencies the collective of humanity is creating. The bridge that the old energies cannot cross, and are raging against, sometimes right in your face. Raging to cling to their domain; they are used to running the show and this is all rapidly changing. You need to prepare yourself for some very bumpy rides indeed. So what and how can you do this, you ask? First, make room in your life to just BE. And when we say BE, we mean don’t “do” anything. We mean create space in your life such that you unplug from your TVs, your Internet, your electronics, your radio, your friends, your community, and even your loved ones. Unplug from everything and everyone. Time and space for you to BE AT ONE with yourself. Time and space where the only input comes from you, your higher self, the greater part of you. Away from the influences from others and all the 3D energies and thoughts. If it is helpful, pretend that you have a golden bubble around you and all 3D energies bounce off the golden bubble that surrounds you. Inside your golden bubble, you have peace, tranquility, and love. And you are in “no time.” Second, create space each week for your inner child to play. Make a date with your inner child and honour this commitment. Decide, in the moment, what your inner child would like to do or be during this special play time. The sky’s the limit. What would bring joy to your inner child? What would have you in…

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