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Procrastination – Part 2

Tuning in to the highest ones of love, light, and wisdom… do you have any information for Wisdom Wednesday this week? Yes, on the topic of procrastination we continue. What did you discover this past week regarding procrastination? Did you have any revelations about yourself or another? Did you discover a purpose for the procrastination that you had not yet thought about? This idea can be extended to other “bothersome” emotions you feel you want to “get rid of”, whether it is anger or apathy, resistance or reluctance. Ask yourself, “What purpose is this emotion serving in my life right now? What is it attempting to make me aware of?” Another useful question is, “Is this emotion mine? Or have I picked it up from another?” Emotions are tools for you to use on this Earth plane. They can be a gateway to deeper knowing and deeper understanding about yourself and others, if you let them. And that is the key: to let emotions surface naturally, like when you were a child. When you are children, you tend to have much more freedom to allow yourself to express your emotions. They rise up like a wave, you feel them, then you let them go. Children have a much easier time of “letting them go” than you find as an adult. During the course of your “domestication” on this planet, you learn (or agree) to suppress emotions in order to get a desired outcome. Unlike when you were a child, you learn to “hang onto” the emotions, sometimes never letting them go. Layers and layers are placed over them to “encase” the emotions, thus often they become so buried they are removed from your conscious awareness. Then a situation happens in your life that triggers this “old” emotion and suddenly it pops up “out of nowhere” and may often catch you by surprise, and may seem to be completely unrelated to whatever is going on in the present moment, or even the present lifetime! How about that? Are you open to the possibility that an emotional reaction you are experiencing in this lifetime may not even have it roots in this lifetime, yet is being triggered by an event in this lifetime? So then you may ask, “Well, how do I clear it? Or do I need to clear it? Do I need to do anything about it?” The answers to these questions will be different from person to person, thus you need to ask yourself. For example, you could ask yourself, “Is it in the highest and best interest for all concerned that I have conscious awareness about this emotion and its origins?” Or perhaps ask, “Is it in the highest and best interest for all concerned that I take steps to clear it?” And again you could ask, “Is this emotion mine or another person’s?” We encourage you to take a curious approach. Ask questions and see what answers come back from your intuition and your body wisdom. Another…


What about procrastination?

You may have been wondering what the heck has been going on with the Wisdom Wednesday’s this past month. Well, to be honest, me too! For the past several weeks, every time I went to send out the weekly e-mail, I kept getting the inner “No.” And then another week would go by, I’d check in again, and still a “No.” What the heck?!? I’m still not sure “how come,” however I trust that this is in the “highest and best interest for all concerned” even if I may never become aware of the “how come.” Sometimes listening to our inner “yes” and “no” can bring up lots of feelings and thoughts. In days gone by, I would have really been stressing out about this past month of “no” answers: worried that I’d be letting people “down” or about what people would say or wondering if I’d fallen into some sort of cycle of procrastination…. or any other number of mental and emotion tortures. While I may still have this thoughts pop in my mind, I am able to more quickly let them go and return to state of  “acceptance”, trusting things will work out. I was mulling all this over and then one of our community members e-mailed: So what about procrastination? Do you ever struggle and fight with it? I know when I face procrastination, I can end up feeling bad about having to “deal with it”. After all, shouldn’t I be “over that”? Do you beat yourselve up about it, too? Even torture yourself about it, lecturing yourself? I typically, will want to hide the fact that I am in the middle of struggling with it. Somewhere in my upbringing, the message that we are to “DO” was desirable and “good” and that “not DOing” was lazy and “bad”. And if we were ever seen to be lazy, we got crap for it. It was not until I was older did I begin to question things I was taught by my parents and Society, however by that point, many messages had already been cemented and  only later would I realize these ingrained thoughts and habits were the cause of limitations and problems I faced. There are still times I really struggle with procrastination. To the point where I feel paralyzed and just want to mentally and emotionally “check out.” I ask myself, “Where does all that come from? How can I change it? How can I not have it?” Times of pleading to have the procrastination go away and stop plaguing me….  What to do about it? Sylvia’s e-mail prompted me to sit down and ask about procrastination and here’s what came through (and I am VERY curious to have feedback from others who also “asked” about it): Yes, a struggle for many. A heavy burden for others. It is not a socially acceptable thing to you. Yet, you are faced with it and what to “do” about it. We invite you to get curious. Get curious…

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