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Procrastination – Part 2

Tuning in to the highest ones of love, light, and wisdom… do you have any information for Wisdom Wednesday this week? Yes, on the topic of procrastination we continue. What did you discover this past week regarding procrastination? Did you have any revelations about yourself or another? Did you discover a purpose for the procrastination that you had not yet thought about? This idea can be extended to other “bothersome” emotions you feel you want to “get rid of”, whether it is anger or apathy, resistance or reluctance. Ask yourself, “What purpose is this emotion serving in my life right…


What about procrastination?

You may have been wondering what the heck has been going on with the Wisdom Wednesday’s this past month. Well, to be honest, me too! For the past several weeks, every time I went to send out the weekly e-mail, I kept getting the inner “No.” And then another week would go by, I’d check in again, and still a “No.” What the heck?!? I’m still not sure “how come,” however I trust that this is in the “highest and best interest for all concerned” even if I may never become aware of the “how come.” Sometimes listening to our…

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