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If there were a lock and key to your heart

If there were a lock and key to your heart To whom would you give the key? Isn’t it the funniest thing To hold the answer in your soul? Who has access to your soul? It’s a sacred story Listen to the answer We all hold the key To the ache in our own heart And yet we look for the answer elsewhere You don’t want to look that deep The answer is too revealing…. Once you let it out Once you let the truth out There will be no more fighting Take a journey I’m listening to silence, Spirit…


A Heart Opened to the Divine

Tyler Carson is an internationally known fiddler/violinist born in Canada and recently moved to Seattle where his music with his duo ‘Impossible Bird’ is exploding on the West Coast of North America. Tyler is a graduate of the Integrative Energy Healing program at Langara University in New Westminster, BC and has recently returned from Auroville, India, where he completed his final project for his internship doing healing work with the people there. Tyler’s studies and healing work in Auroville included the opportunity to share his healing music in concert with members of the community. Here are reflections from his time…

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