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How to Navigate YOUR Storm

I am in the throws of round 3 of whatever I have… A cold? The flu? Recalibration? Who knows! All the sniffing and snerking and copious body fluids leave me feeling quite annoyed and impatient. Enough already! How’s that for a model Lighthouse? I am wondering when it will all be over and what, exactly, is the purpose of all this goo? Do you find yourself having similar thoughts? Yep, we are the model of patience, you and I! So I sit down with the intention of connecting to the highest ones of love, light and wisdom to ask, “What…


Tips to take your next step

I just attended my niece’s high school graduation! Oh, how time flies. On the one hand it seems like yesterday that she was 2 years old and we were drawing pictures, belly-down on the livingroom floor. On the other hand, both of us have had 16 year’s of life experiences go by since then. Wow! Anticipating her graduation, she shared that she felt excited and nervous. Excited about completing such a huge goal and at the same time freaked out about stepping into the “unknown.” I could relate, as I felt the very same thing when I graduated high school many…

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