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2nd Sunday Meditation – 10 Nov 2013

In this month’s meditation, we re-connected with all Manifest Your Mission participants. To start, we took time to connect with each other and send healing thoughts to the Philippines in aftermath of the recent typhoon. Dr. Amber Wolf then lead us through a healing meditation. Ah, SO good! Please post a comment below and let us know what your experience of this meditation is! REPLAY and download Audio only (24 mins) Audio Slidecast (24 mins)  


When a Labyrinth is More Than a Maze

I was feeling lost. So much change has happened, like gravity might not hold me to the Earth. I knew I needed to be outside, to feel Gaia’s forms: earth, water, wind. The Labyrinth at the Starhouse in Boulder, CO came immediately into my head. Sadly, the road to the Starhouse is closed because of the flooding. So, what is next, I wonder. I needed a cure for this feeling. To fix, to change it and make it better. Then came the ah-ha moment. What if I could stay in the feeling and just feel lost for as long as…

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