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“It has to be just for you” Excerpt from Geoff & Linda Hoppe’s interview

Geoff & Linda Hoppe   Excerpt from Geoff & Linda Hoppe’s interview “Grace: Allowing Energy to Serve You”       Geoff: …the one caveat on that is that it has to be just for you.  You can’t do it and then involve your family members, your friends, the world, the dolphins, or anything else.  When you allow energies to serve you, do it for you.  And we’ve seen this time and time again where we’re at workshops and we’ll talk to people about their choices, their soul choices, and it’s so intermixed with their mothers and fathers and children,…


Speaker questions?

Note from Cheryl: I had been asking Spirit, “What 4-5 questions can Amber and I ask each speaker that are: in the highest and best interest for all concerned AND that connect all speaker interviews with the theme of ‘Manifest Your Mission’?”. The following is an answer my dear friend Catherine received from one of my Spirit guides. Given the affects of your energy On the hearts of other people I believe we best start with a conscious effort To seize that grain of sand Best suited to your endeavours What if you ask each conscious mind a question like…….

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