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“It has to be just for you” Excerpt from Geoff & Linda Hoppe’s interview

Geoff & Linda Hoppe   Excerpt from Geoff & Linda Hoppe’s interview “Grace: Allowing Energy to Serve You”       Geoff: …the one caveat on that is that it has to be just for you.  You can’t do it and then involve your family members, your friends, the world, the dolphins, or anything else.  When you allow energies to serve you, do it for you.  And we’ve seen this time and time again where we’re at workshops and we’ll talk to people about their choices, their soul choices, and it’s so intermixed with their mothers and fathers and children, and people they work with, and the community, and everything else.    And it’s like hang on a second. This isn’t going to work.  You have to decide for you what do you choose for you in your life?  How do you want energies to work for you?  Because the minute I make my energies dependent on Linda’s, it suddenly puts it in a whole different category.    It changes the ability of the energies to come through time and space to be with me and to manifest, and suddenly now I’ve got her passion and desire, needs mixed in there.  And suddenly it’s all different.  So the most challenging thing in this, really, is can you do this for yourself?    And people have a hard time with that.  They say, “Well, that’s selfish.  Or I’ve got to wait until my kids are grown.  I can’t choose for myself.”  And it’s like, “No, no, no.  You can choose for you, and can you imagine if you have a better life that your children might also, they might learn something from you.”   Linda: Yeah.  You might even be a shining example.   Geoff: Yeah.    Amber: Yeah. I do think that that likely is a challenging stumbling block for people, especially mothers feeling responsible for their children, and those of us who “want to help,” finding our way serving the world.   Geoff: Why don’t you just feel into it for a moment, because we’ve had people literally say this at some of the gatherings and the workshops, but what is it that you’re choosing?  These energies are here.  What are you choosing?  Well, I want to make the world a better place.  Boom, suddenly the energy goes south because A, they’re out of compassion.  The minute you think you have to change the world, it will change you.  The minute you think you have to repair and heal others with no sense of discernment, it works against you.   So really one of the first things is having compassion. Everybody is exactly where they’re choosing to be.  The compassion is honoring that within them, and when they’re tired of where they are, they’ll come to you and other teachers and say, “Okay, how do I affect changes?”   But if you’re trying to get your energy to flow in, and you’re just going to use it to change the world,…


Speaker questions?

Note from Cheryl: I had been asking Spirit, “What 4-5 questions can Amber and I ask each speaker that are: in the highest and best interest for all concerned AND that connect all speaker interviews with the theme of ‘Manifest Your Mission’?”. The following is an answer my dear friend Catherine received from one of my Spirit guides. Given the affects of your energy On the hearts of other people I believe we best start with a conscious effort To seize that grain of sand Best suited to your endeavours What if you ask each conscious mind a question like…. Better yet A thought or string of thoughts Related to their hearts desire? What is it that they most want to do for the world In manifesting their mission? How do they think they can make a difference With the love they share? What is it that will change the world Of those who follow their teachings? How can they summarize the best outcome in their eyes? What if no one listens? What then? How can they change the worlds’ view In a few easy steps? What is it that will change the world of those who follow their teachings? I feel a change coming I feel it in my bones. Yes, bones! What difference can they make In the lives of those who listen? About change: How can we do it without fear? About Love: How can we feel it in our daily lives? About challenge: What can they offer to keep our spirits up? These are the issues that make people want to listen That perk their ears That awaken their hopes Channel the talks around hope and love Make believe there is nothing else Nothing so important as this truth People want to know about chances About second chances About letting go of sorrow Let in the light Open the curtain Step out of the shadows Open the door Breathe in fresh air To the hearts of those who seek healing And those who don’t yet know what they yearn for A signpost Sometimes Is all it takes to help folks find a direction to take One step And then another Paint the signs in colour! So much to say, yes? Hold space in the entrance way For each soul to peer in At their own level In their own time This is the way of the wind This is the way of the world Your world Aren’t we all the same Really In our need to find connections with others? Let this be that place Hold out your hand And take hold of those who reach out to you Be patient in your wanderings With yourself at the helm Others will notice your self-love And seek to do the same For themselves Patience is a key to success Let humble work its magic In the truth you share I am not done But for today I say ‘Good night’ Let these thoughts play in your mind…

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