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How to Navigate YOUR Storm

I am in the throws of round 3 of whatever I have… A cold? The flu? Recalibration? Who knows! All the sniffing and snerking and copious body fluids leave me feeling quite annoyed and impatient. Enough already! How’s that for a model Lighthouse? I am wondering when it will all be over and what, exactly, is the purpose of all this goo? Do you find yourself having similar thoughts? Yep, we are the model of patience, you and I! So I sit down with the intention of connecting to the highest ones of love, light and wisdom to ask, “What is in the highest and best interests for all concerned for this week’s Wisdom Wednesday readers?” And it begins… We know many of you struggle to understand the why and how of the storms of your life. Deep within are the answers you seek. As much as others can “tell” you things, deeper still is your own inner knowing. A knowing that is essential at this time to cultivate. Now we understand this may not seem an easy task, and yet we tell you that it can be as easy as you’d like to make it. Each life scenario you face does have a solution. Recall Kryon’s “Golden Tray.” For every challenge you face, there is a solution. A solution that is a win-win for all concerned. A solution that you may have yet to think of. A solution that provides potentials you may not have thought possible. And the only limiting factor is YOU. And when I say YOU, I mean all the collective thoughts and unconscious agreements you have “collected” these many years, from this lifetime and others. Break the chains! Free your mind of the exact steps you need to take. Instead, just ask, “What is the next step that leads to a win-win for all concerned?” and then trust the impressions you receive. You may hear these impressions. You may see them. You may feel them. You may draw them. You may write them. You may taste them. You may smell them. Whatever method of communication that suits you, listen to your inner guidance and trust the process. Avoid thinking about the “whole picture,” as for many of you this would likely lead to a feeling of overwhelm, which is less useful in moving you forwards. Instead, just focus on your next step, without regard for the ones that follow. Yes, it can be that easy. Again, in human form there is a great tendency to want to make things complicated, lest they not be “right” or “perfect” or “enough.” Somehow in this human existence “complicated” has become enmeshed with the idea of “more valuable”. We encourage you to embrace simplicity. Simplicity only requires the next step. And after you take 1,000 “next steps”, only then look back to see what you have achieved. Many an author has said the same thing about writing: that it just takes one word at a time. And the painter…


There is Only One Moment – Part 2

It is so funny to me. I open my heart to listen and I hear the first phrase and say to myself, “Wait a minute! That was yesterday’s topic! This can’t be right!” But I keep writing. Then part way through I am thinking, “Okay, this doesn’t even make any sense! What I am writing is complete ramble without meaning, it is just random thoughts with no connection!” But, I have learned that my consciousness is not important in the process of listening, in fact, if it were out of the way, the message can be received with greater ease. I let my brain step aside, and just keep on writing. Afterward, I felt completely exhausted and lay down and slept soundly for an hour. Here are the words of Spirit! They are so beautiful to me, I feel so humbled and honoured to hear them. They make sense, they make perfect sense, isn’t it funny that I wasn’t able to process what I was hearing in the moment of listening? Sharing these words is a joyful way to let this light shine out through me, not from me, to whomever it may be that might find need to hear them. So….. Yay! —Catherine   Look Within Yourself And Reach For The Core Star It’s this way today. If we take one moment to be the best There is a challenge Inherent in the request Look within yourself And reach for the core star Blue light I can hear you say, “What is the purpose of this kind of exercise?” Let me explain Looking within yourself to find the blue light there Is why you’ve come to be Reaching into your heart To find the essence of blue Creates a reason for your external existence If I were to take you Separate from your inner light You would wither and fade Because your inner truth Is a deep, Profoundly deep part Of who you’ve come here to be Look inward And find your truth Cherish it Love it Behold it for the beauty that it represents Then let it shine Let it shine Let it shine Does this mean Explode into the world with who you are? Does this mean Open your core self up for all to see? …. Hold out your light in the palm of your hands in a blinding blaze and let the world behold your true nature? Is that what it means? What if your light is blinding? Listen Listen It’s okay to walk quietly Listen for quiet ways to share your light with others We want to share our light In a gentle, meaningful way Let the shadows fall away Let your golden light shine Peace Amen I conclude… Let your love win  


There is Only One Moment – Part 1

If I could take one moment in time To be your best What could it possibly be? You hear my words And share them with an open and loving heart What could be better than that? For me It isn’t about One best moment It is the essence of truth Shared in a loving light Which speaks of a best possible way to share love Love is the essence of truth Truth is the ultimate gift Of love It’s one and the same If you were to wrap the best Into one moment Then let that one moment last for all time Let it reach out to touch the edge of time In all directions And let your whole life be About that We can compare each other to one another But what is there to compare (If we are all one) Accept the way in which we conduct ourselves? Conduct yourself in the way of love, To be the best of your ability And let the rest fall away into the nothing that it is I can honestly say That nothing else matters Accept for love And as such If we hold ourselves to that high standard Then we must breathe in the beauty of all existence And breathe out the same to others Open your heart to love And let that be who you are Across all time and place There is only one moment, ever And that moment Is now Spirit via Catherine [ August 12, 2013 ]


Right Timing

    There is a time and place for everything Isn’t that funny? With all the freedoms we share? I’d like to know the truth of that Would you?   Yes I would   I would like to share Listen in, if you like   A purpose             In love Has an order First this, then that. One cannot be fulfilled             Without the other   You’ve noticed   It’s not as harsh as it seems Here’s why   If I love you             And give you too much Where is the love in that? Your heart forms shadows at the thought I can see   Listen with an open heart             Listen with love   If I gave you             All – at once You would seize up With the wisdom of it With the weight of it             The shear mass   Knowledge has a weight             As such You would be crushed by your             Knowing Isn’t this the truth….    That bit by bit       Your spirit grows With each new pinnacle of Love?   Think of it      Take some time             You have all you need   I am part of a holy story for you      And I care for you deeply             In all ways   Light and colours      Animals and spirits They all join in the celebration      Of this dance of history unfolding   I can see the green      I can see the path in light             Stretched out before you   You choose what makes your heart sing as you come across it in your journey The opening is your choice One step at a time   —Spirit via Catherine [April 3, 2013]  


The Nature of Love

The Nature of Love is as such: There is but one notion that needs to be portrayed.   What is it that you wish for? I only say this because There seems to be some doubt in your own mind as to what is right.   If there is this thing called Love That manifests in the hearts of others Is there not the same             For anyone that comes across it,   An opportunity to hold that delicate trust             That something                  Someone                         Is waiting for everyone?   Why would you doubt that the same would not be true for you? Hold out your hand             Open your heart                         And let it in   That’s all it takes It’s a willingness to let Love in    ‘But,” you say,              “This is not for me.”   Why do you push love away             With such a force? Why do you deny the possibility for you?    “Yes, but…”            You say And you hold out all the reasons why you can’t have what you desire most. What a puzzle you make of your life!   —Spirit via Catherine [March 11, 2013]


Regarding Love

Love is not a conditional contest If this – If that. Once love is given it cannot be reversed   We (Spirit) can’t push love one way or the other We cannot create or destroy it Love is given freely by those who manifest it Not given like a puppet There is no hesitation from this side!   —Spirit via Catherine [March 3, 2013]

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