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Using this time to work with Spirit on my own inner life and the physical issue

[From community member Molly M.] August 15, 2013   I have been using this time to work with Spirit on my own inner life and the physical issue of a stage 4 breast cancer that has metastasized to the bone.  I had my last chemo treatment this week, but have surgery and radiation ahead.  After receiving the diagnosis in December I went into a terrible place of fear and uncertainty, but, with the help of friends to ground me and get my head on straight, I have used this time to reconnect with spirit and support myself with nutrition, meditation and guided imagery.  Because of two fractured vertebrae I have not been able to do much physical exercise until now, but I have incorporated deep breathing and energy work, which have elicited some tremendous changes.  All of this, combined with the medical treatment, has shrunk the tumors and lesions significantly and the doctors are quite amazed, as they said I have an aggressive cancer and there was no telling how much time I had left on this earth.  I was faced with one of those moments when I knew I could choose to leave now or continue to serve energy here, and I wrestled with the choice but felt I was being asked to use what I’d been given to show others that our bodies can heal when we work with them and give them what they need, including spiritual and emotional healing. This has been great time of self-discovery for me and a difficult journey of going back to those places of fear and shame bred in my childhood in order to look at them with the curiosity you speak of so that I can see differently. The Manifest Your Mission telesummit came at the perfect time and has propelled me along this healing journey, and being connected with the community via Facebook has brought some wonderful insights and materials to work with.  Talk about a time of recalibration!  This has been a big year of transition for me and it has not always been easy to listen and wait.  I have sometimes felt fear resurface and had to quiet it down again, and I have sometimes grown impatient at the not knowing, which is then followed by the realization that maybe I don’t have the answers yet because I am doing what I need to be doing right now: healing.  Now I am waiting to hear what comes next. How will I serve energy as I go forward? I remember one or more of the speakers saying things will happen quickly when it’s time, so I am just working on being ready to move when that time comes. Thank you for all you give.  Thank you for bring together this great community of light and love. —Molly M. August 22, 2013   Thank you for the healing energy you are sending. Yes, you may share my journey.  This has been a wonderful period of personal growth for me and I…

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