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What To Do When You Feel Like Others Have Hijacked Your Train

In case you were wondering what happened to Wisdom Wednesday last week… when I sat down to write, the feeling I had felt confused and murky and unclear. And then when I began to write, what was coming out felt the exact same way. What the heck?! Try as I might, it was all jumbled and made no sense, so I just “let go” of my expectations to send out a message last week (yoiks!). The energy of this week feels so much clearer. And yet, despite things feeling clearer, I find myself in a difficult situation. Imagine you decide…



Always put yourself first      In training the heart Let your mind      Breathe deeply into your heart Let the muscles relax           In meditation Consciously take a step      Into the light And let the water flow through you This is not a test      This is not a           “What if you choose a path other than that described by me                What will I (spirit) do                     With your disobedience?” This is an offering of…

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