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What To Do When You Feel Like Others Have Hijacked Your Train

In case you were wondering what happened to Wisdom Wednesday last week… when I sat down to write, the feeling I had felt confused and murky and unclear. And then when I began to write, what was coming out felt the exact same way. What the heck?! Try as I might, it was all jumbled and made no sense, so I just “let go” of my expectations to send out a message last week (yoiks!). The energy of this week feels so much clearer. And yet, despite things feeling clearer, I find myself in a difficult situation. Imagine you decide you’d like to take a trip and you invite a friend to come along. Each of you are excited about the possibilities of going on the trip so you begin to make plans. Then imagine your friend meets up with another friend, and the two of them start taking about the trip. Both of them get excited. Now imagine that your friend and this other person are so excited about this trip that they start making plans and booking tickets and setting things in motion, all without you saying “yes” to anything. The trip was your idea, you initiated it, and as far as you knew, your trip had nothing to do with this third person. All you know is that you had intended to go on a trip with your friend and had asked them to come along. In the meantime, many plans have been put in place, without you knowing or having input. By the time you find out what has been put in place, the train has left the station and nothing that they are doing is what you originally had in mind. So what do you do? Do you hop on board their train? Or do you make the choice to let go and continue creating the trip you had originally had in mind? Do you let go of the idea of having your friend come along? This is where I find myself this week. I need to make some choices. Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? So here I sit to write for this week’s Wisdom Wednesday, intending to connect with the highest ones of love, light and wisdom. To connect with Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the greater part of me, beyond the veil of this Human Walk. And I ask, “What is in the highest and best interest to communicate for Wisdom Wednesday?” Peace. How can you create more peace in your life? We encourage you, especially now, to find ways to bring more peace, and peace of mind, into your daily life. The tension and dis-ease in your world right now can have an negative impact on your health. And when we speak of health, we speak in broad, all-encompassing terms. Health of your body. Health of your mind. Health of your spirit. Health of your emotions. Health of your community. Health of your family and friends. Peaceful ways…



Always put yourself first      In training the heart Let your mind      Breathe deeply into your heart Let the muscles relax           In meditation Consciously take a step      Into the light And let the water flow through you This is not a test      This is not a           “What if you choose a path other than that described by me                What will I (spirit) do                     With your disobedience?” This is an offering of love      That you may choose           In your own time                Or not Either choice is yours to make. Open your heart to this Summit Let the words of the speakers Wash over you      In a fashion           That doesn’t so much stick,      As flow through And wash the cobwebs out The act of Remembering      Needs space Create some And let the spaces fill With clean, clear thoughts      That fill up           Over flow                And wash away A grain of sand      Creates a pearl Don’t let those ideas that “bug”      Do anything for you           Except bring light                To places you may not have previously found                     Illumination Love that      And share that           In the light that it was shared with you Precious Golden Ball of light      Fill the hearts of those who listen           With the possibility                Of attracting a deeper sense of connection                     To each child’s inner truth There is beauty in that Hold out your hands (Cheryl and Amber)      To the light Let it flow from you      As the path of creating           Manifests in the hearts                Of those who desire it most This is our prayer      Yes Consciously make a choice To let love flow This is our hope for you      To the highest good Amen Spirit via Catherine [ May 4, 2013 ]

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