Messages to Uplift

Shadow works its magic on the Earthly plane

I can honestly say
The words of Heaven
Are round
And full
And clean

That they come to us
In a wave
With beauty as their guiding force.

You sit in wonder
You watch inwardly
As the journey unfolds
This is the puzzling part.

There is a door into heaven
That is never closed
Can you hear the people there?
I’m watching
As they pour in
One after the other
You’d be surprised how many

There isn’t a divider
In souls who can or cannot come
ALL are welcome
ALL ascend at equal rates
With arms open
To the love that greets them

In Heaven
The answers are freely given
There is a meditation
A melding of hearts
With sound and light
Weaving amongst the many

Shadow works its magic
On the Earthly plane

Light horizon

Purple yellow green

Let it do its magic there

I can hear you question, “Why?”

There is a positive force
That weaves havoc in the shadow realm
Why can’t we let these energies
Do their dance together
In their own way?

Purpose has its place here
Among the energies
That work to the Highest Good
Without our interference

Let them be.

I can tell you one thing
Love will win out
Let love be that which you
Reach out endlessly for

At all cost
Let love shine

Spirit via Catherine [April 13, 2013]


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