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How to Navigate YOUR Storm

I am in the throws of round 3 of whatever I have… A cold? The flu? Recalibration? Who knows! All the sniffing and snerking and copious body fluids leave me feeling quite annoyed and impatient. Enough already! How’s that for a model Lighthouse? I am wondering when it will all be over and what, exactly, is the purpose of all this goo?

Do you find yourself having similar thoughts? Yep, we are the model of patience, you and I!

So I sit down with the intention of connecting to the highest ones of love, light and wisdom to ask, “What is in the highest and best interests for all concerned for this week’s Wisdom Wednesday readers?” And it begins…

We know many of you struggle to understand the why and how of the storms of your life. Deep within are the answers you seek. As much as others can “tell” you things, deeper still is your own inner knowing. A knowing that is essential at this time to cultivate. Now we understand this may not seem an easy task, and yet we tell you that it can be as easy as you’d like to make it.

Each life scenario you face does have a solution. Recall Kryon’s “Golden Tray.” For every challenge you face, there is a solution. A solution that is a win-win for all concerned. A solution that you may have yet to think of. A solution that provides potentials you may not have thought possible. And the only limiting factor is YOU.

And when I say YOU, I mean all the collective thoughts and unconscious agreements you have “collected” these many years, from this lifetime and others. Break the chains! Free your mind of the exact steps you need to take. Instead, just ask, “What is the next step that leads to a win-win for all concerned?” and then trust the impressions you receive. You may hear these impressions. You may see them. You may feel them. You may draw them. You may write them. You may taste them. You may smell them. Whatever method of communication that suits you, listen to your inner guidance and trust the process. Avoid thinking about the “whole picture,” as for many of you this would likely lead to a feeling of overwhelm, which is less useful in moving you forwards.

Instead, just focus on your next step, without regard for the ones that follow. Yes, it can be that easy. Again, in human form there is a great tendency to want to make things complicated, lest they not be “right” or “perfect” or “enough.” Somehow in this human existence “complicated” has become enmeshed with the idea of “more valuable”. We encourage you to embrace simplicity. Simplicity only requires the next step.

And after you take 1,000 “next steps”, only then look back to see what you have achieved. Many an author has said the same thing about writing: that it just takes one word at a time. And the painter will say the same thing about the canvas they paint: one brush stroke at a time. The canvas of your life can be an adventure if you allow it. And as you trust your inner guidance more and more, the magic of your life is revealed, one step at a time.

Even as she writes, Cheryl wonders what her next step is, particularly given the last 3 weeks struggling with a cold. Sometimes, dear ones, you will not receive all the answers you seek while on THAT side of the veil. And this is as it should be because if you knew everything from your vantage point, there would be no purpose in your journey!

You have specific dreams, specific experiences, specific people you’d like to have life events with. And if you knew everything ahead of time, you might skip some of your next steps. Yes, we know that some of your next steps many seem pointless or hard or like a waste of time. And yet when you view them from this side you will see the magic. Sometimes it is in the most ordinary moment that the most extra-ordinary magic happens.

Love is quiet, dear ones. Love is quiet. As Kryon says, “Love is not boastful.” Love can be like a snowflake landing on your cheek, ever so gentle, and can go unnoticed if you are not paying attention. We encourage you to pay more attention to the moments in your life. One by one. Hour by hour. Day by day. And when you look back you will be astonished at the canvas you have created! Truly, you are master artists, each and every one of you.

Continue to shine your light of love, moment to moment.

Comment below, and let us know how your storm and next step is going!



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