Max Highstein

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Clearing Your Cosmic Hairball

Do you feel that something within you keeps getting in the way of your successful career or personal life? Do you find yourself stuck in repeated patterns of bad relationships, conflicts, and dead ends, no matter what you do? Do you ever get the impression life is trying to tell you something, but you’re not getting it? Could it be your copy of “The Secret” had a page missing?

Actually, there’s a real purpose to those repeating patterns, and there’s also a way out of them. Life isn’t out to get you, it’s trying to help you clear old negative stuff within you, to make room for your fulfillment. Call it a “cosmic hairball”, your higher consciousness wants that old stuff up and out of you!

In our conversation with author and intuitive guide Max Highstein, he’ll help us understand more about why we get stuck in repeating patterns, and how we can break free. Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

Where patterns of fear, anger, sadness etc. come from;

The part Spirit plays in helping you clear the past;

How to recognize repeating patterns, and break free of them;

The free, natural, and incredibly effective way to clear your emotions, that drug companies don’t want you to know;

How to get through your stress moments faster, and actually take advantage of them.

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Lord, make me an instrument of your peace—Francis of Assisi

With more than 40 years of study, training and experience, Max Highstein holds two M.A degrees: one in Psychology, and another in Spiritual Psychology. He is widely known for a critically acclaimed, bestselling series of guided imagery recordings, for his award winning music, and for his private sessions and workshops with clients internationally.

In his work, Max draws upon intuitive gifts and spiritual support to help clients see blind spots, release blocks, and make a shift. His mission is to help you discover your own highest truth, open your heart to give and receive love, and release anything in the way.

Max Highstein’s lifelong commitment to fostering personal growth, inner healing, and spiritual connection can be experienced in the more than 50 original programs and courses offered at his Healing Waterfall Website.