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How Your Inner Guidance System Can Bring You More Peace

Connecting with the highest ones of love, light, and wisdom. Connecting with Mother Earth and Father Sky. What is in the highest and best interest for all to communicate for this week’s Wisdom Wednesday?

Trust. Trust in your own inner guidance more and more. This is a required muscle going forward, especially in the coming turbulent months. If you have yet to begin experimenting with testing your inner YES and NO, begin NOW. And begin with something that you have a low risk with regarding outcomes.

Each time you test your inner YES and NO muscle, you strengthen it. And over time your feedback system will become instantaneous. Then when you ask yourself about issues that feel like “more risk” you will have the experience, confidence and trust in your internal guidance system.

Trusting your internal guidance system is crucial, especially when faced with decisions that seem to come back with an answer that logically goes against what you initially thought the answer might be. This is especially true when faced with situations where your inner YES and NO flies in the face of what everyone else wants.

Developing trust in your inner guidance system will bring you much more peace, because when you don’t have all the information your logical mind wants, you can let go and trust that “all will be revealed in good time”, despite what others may say or do.

The opinions of others must be taken with a grain of salt, especially if the individuals giving you their opinion choose to have a narrow focus on their immediate surroundings and situation. When you ask, “What is in the my highest and best interest?” you may receive information we will call “Info A.” And when you ask, “What is in my highest and best interest, and the highest and best interest for all concerned?” you will receive information we will call “Info B.” In face, you may receive answers that fly against everything you, as an earthly personality, may want to do!

Do not be surprised if you find yourself being guided into situations and working with people that you may never have dreamt of! Again, this is the planet of free choice. If you ask your question both ways and obtain Info A and Info B, you are then in a position to make a choice about what you’d like which path you’d like to follow. Sometimes Info A is going to be your desired path, other times it will be Info B.

Sometimes the Info A path may create a lot of unnecessary pain in your life, while Info B path will bring more joy. And this can be the reverse, too. If you pretend you are constantly in a state of a Life Review (recall Kryon’s description of this in the book “The Journey Home”), what choices would you make? Would they be any different than how you currently make choices?

As the familiar saying goes, “There is NO TIME like the present.” All puns intended!

So back to choice and how you’d like your journey to unfold. Believe it or not, some prefer to take what others label as “the hard road.” For these individuals, life experiences that do not involve difficulty are less meaningful for them. Others of you, prefer to continually strive to increase your sense of peace and ease, thus when you encounter “difficulty” you question whether you are on the right path.

Everything depends on the lens with which you view your life. A small change in perspective can have you view Situation A as paradise, and yet for another person the same Situation A could feel like a death sentence (laugh!). If you were able to see things from this side, you’d better understand and appreciate the humour associated with living in duality.

Have you ever witnessed two people in a situation and person A sails through it and person B gets completely bogged down and depressed? As an outside observer of the situation, you are not emotionally invested so you may even find some of the events and choices made by these two people to seem quite comical. Because you are “outside” the situation, you have this luxury.

We tell you it is the same thing in your own life. The more you can find ways to become an observer in your life, in conjunction with the experiencer, the more quickly you will move through situations you label as “difficult” with much more ease, peace, and maybe even with more humour!

Can you laugh at your behaviours? Can you find the funny in a situation? This will help lighten your heart, take yourself and others MUCH LESS seriously, and will enable you to PLAY life more. You can choose to WORK life. It is the planet of free choice. What do you decide right now?

What situation do you find yourself in right now? Can you make the choice to PLAY through the situation? Can you find the humour? Can you find ways to make it lighter and more fun?

Waves of love and light and laughter to you now and always dear ones.

Comment below and let us know about a time you changed your perspective or how you went about PLAYING life more!



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