Messages to Uplift

If there were a lock and key to your heart

If there were a lock and key to your heart
To whom would you give the key?
Isn’t it the funniest thing
To hold the answer in your soul?
Who has access to your soul?
It’s a sacred story
Listen to the answer

We all hold the key
To the ache in our own heart
And yet we look for the answer elsewhere
You don’t want to look that deep
The answer is too revealing….

Once you let it out
Once you let the truth out
There will be no more fighting

Take a journey

I’m listening to silence, Spirit
I’m hearing only my heartbeat in my ears
My heart is open to the Love and Light of your message.
If there is more to be heard, please let me share your words with Love.

I can’t always be what you want
The answer to all questions
Sometimes you must answer for yourself, as this is part of who you are.
Let yourself win
Be the one the blue light shines for
Be an answer for others

Sleep now and listen to your dreams

Spirit via Catherine, March 12, 2013


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