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How Does Your Inner Child Like to Play?

Reach. Reach for your dreams. Reach for your goals. Each one of you has unique potentials to manifest–if you so choose. And the choosing is what you must do in order for them to surface and manifest. No amount of thinking with surface these potentials. Action is required. First you might get an idea. Then you need to take action on that idea. We do not prescribe timelines. Rather, we encourage you to go within and ask, “Is now the time to take the next step with idea ___ ?” Listen to what comes back.

Some of your unique potentials will be able to be manifested immediately. Others may require you to learn or experience something, or meet certain people first. Or perhaps have certain events happen first before your next step is possible. So check in. Tune in. Listen to your inner “yes” and “no” for timing.

And check in with your intuition regarding choices. It could be something as simple as a colour choice for what you will wear today, or perhaps for the cover of a book your plan to write. Or it could be imagery to go along with your business card (or project). Each time you check in within yourself, you strengthen the connection to your intuition. And those on this side of the veil are ready to assist you, IF YOU ASK.

And free will plays a part. Some of you have such magnificent potentials. The question is: will you choose to manifest them this time around? Or not? The choice is yours to make. Always. And fear not about missing widows of opportunity. You have orchestrated many windows of opportunity for yourself so set your mind at ease.

This journey can be FUN. Some of you have the impression that manifesting your potentials (heart’s desires) needs to be this huge, onerous task, like lifting a HUGE, HEAVY wheel barrow. NO! Set aside the idea of your potentials being a burden. Instead, revel in the possibilities and play and have fun. Like you did as a child. Do you remember?

Do you remember playing in the garden for hours being fascinated with all the creatures, the dirt, and the plants. Hours would pass so quickly. Or perhaps it was when you were swimming. You just could not get enough of playing in the water, splashing, seeing rainbows of water and ways your body could move above and below the water. Or perhaps you got lost in a drawing project. Endless possibilities for colour and shapes and line widths for you to explore.

When you engage in such play, time stands still and you get younger. You adopt a child mind, free from the cares of “regular” life. This is rejuvenating for you.
So dear ones, approach these potentials you’d like to manifest in the same way. By experimenting and having fun.

We invite you to take a little time for yourself this week and give space to your inner child. If you need to schedule time and block it out, then do so. Perhaps 20 or 30 minutes and engage in a activity what would DELIGHT your inner child. See what happens. Pay attention to ideas that pop in your mind and feelings that manifest in your body. You may just be surprised. You may become aware of a new direction or thought or feeling. Play, play, play!

Until next week, play well with each other. Love and light and playing life to each one of you.

Comment below, and let us know what you are going to do on your play date!



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