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How to Use Your 5 Senses NOW To Create More Abundance

Tuning into the highest ones of love, light and wisdom. What is in the highest and best interest for all concerned to communicate today for Wisdom Wednesday? Create the life you desire NOW. Do not wait until X happens (whatever X may be). No! Each choice you make in this moment creates your future moments. Start NOW, this very minute. Decide what you’d like to have happen right now. What would you like your life to feel like right now? How would you like to spend your time right now? Who would you like to spend time with now? How would you like the quality of your relationships to be right now? There is no tomorrow. There is no past. There is only now. Decided this very moment what you’d like to be experiencing and who you’d like to be experiencing it with. Feel it viscerally. Smell it. Taste it. See it. Hear it. Right now imagine what it would feel like, as if it were happening right now. Get as many of your senses involved in this exercise as is possible. The more emotional and visceral your imagining, the quicker it will come. For example, let’s say you are in the middle of a business deal that you’d like to benefit from. Rather than focusing on the details of the deal (specific people, places, events, and pieces required), instead focus on how you will FEEL once you are experiencing the BENEFIT you’d like to have happen. Imagine you are already experiencing the benefit you are hoping will be the result of this deal. In this moment NOW, feel what it would be like if you were already experiencing the benefit or outcome you’d like to have happen. Are you jumping up and down (physical)? Are you clinking your glasses in a toast (taste & sound)? Who are you toasting with? Are you: in an office, in a home, in a garden, on a boat, in the sunlight (smell & sensation)? What colours or images do you see where you are (sight)? Are you high-fiving or hugging anyone (touch)? What are you saying to each other (sound)? How do you feel (emotion)? Engage your senses fully and BE in this state for as long as it takes to have it feel real NOW. For some this may take a few minutes, for others it may take 15-30 minutes. Give yourself time to BE in this state. We will have an accompanying meditation for you to practice. Bring this practice into your every moment. If you are in the middle of difficultly, stop what you are doing and take a moment to feel and BE in a state of mind and feeling you’d like to be in. If in the moment, you’d like to feel more peaceful, then stop what you are doing and take a moment to imagine yourself in a state of peace. Disconnect yourself from all the people and demands that feel like they are pulling you out…

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