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About Us

There may be a million words to depict what it may be ABOUT US Yet these words could not convey the experience that is ABOUT US From timeless time, many have shared, what is ABOUT US This space, this knowing, is ABOUT US Though thousands of feelings I may have, is not ABOUT US There is that space, that common ground, where perception is, that is ABOUT US I perceive that invisible touch that we share and that is ABOUT US Though I may have many thousands of words, they cannot touch what is ABOUT US Your presence, your voice,…


Shadow works its magic on the Earthly plane

I can honestly say The words of Heaven Are round And full And clean That they come to us In a wave With beauty as their guiding force. You sit in wonder You watch inwardly As the journey unfolds This is the puzzling part. There is a door into heaven That is never closed Can you hear the people there? I’m watching As they pour in One after the other You’d be surprised how many There isn’t a divider In souls who can or cannot come ALL are welcome ALL ascend at equal rates With arms open To the love…

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