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When a Labyrinth is More Than a Maze

I was feeling lost. So much change has happened, like gravity might not hold me to the Earth. I knew I needed to be outside, to feel Gaia’s forms: earth, water, wind. The Labyrinth at the Starhouse in Boulder, CO came immediately into my head. Sadly, the road to the Starhouse is closed because of the flooding. So, what is next, I wonder. I needed a cure for this feeling. To fix, to change it and make it better. Then came the ah-ha moment. What if I could stay in the feeling and just feel lost for as long as it took to not feel lost? Well, that’s a pretty scary prospect, given my recent history and I have things to do! This is my inner dialogue about Being: “I have a life, stuff to do, deadlines, people expecting things from me, bills to pay, places to go.” “OK,” said that voice. And then I took a breath. And another. I put my head back and closed my eyes. I went to the Starhouse Labyrinth as I remembered it. I saw the Lemurian Sisters walking through it on the Fall Equinox, 2012. It was a hot afternoon, but there was a breeze and some shade. The ground was so dry that year and we could hear the dirt crunch under our slow steps. It took an hour for everyone to go through the labyrinth, and that was our last exercise of the day. I’m sitting here, just over a year later, wondering if gravity will hold me to the Earth. And I am at the Starhouse last year. I take another breath and sink deeper into the energy between the Equinoxes. Now I can see time from a different place, from a place of no gravity, just observing the turn of the planet and the passing of a year. Another breath and I sink deeper into the chair and feel its support around me. Yep, there is definitely gravity here, because I can’t move – don’t want to move…just be here, softly in surrender. For right NOW, at least. Comment below!


Let Your LIVER Tell You Something

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the liver dictates the body’s energy flow or chi (pronounced ‘chee’). The liver channels (or meridians) end in our eyes, so when we use our eyes a lot—like looking at a computer screen for hours at a time—stagnation results. Liver chi stagnation can lead to all sorts of symptoms, such as anger, mood swings, constipation, or pain on the sides of the body. You don’t have to run out and get acupuncture (“but it couldn’t hurt”), you can simply close your eyes. An easy fix! Yes, start with closing your eyes for 3-5 minutes at least every 2 hours and work up to 10-15 minutes. Beware of this side effect, though—you may find yourself peacefully meditating (smile) and then there’s that happy liver!


Resistance or Allowing?

If ever we wanted to be flexible, the area of ‘allowing’ is a great place to start. The opposite of ALLOWING is…RESISTANCE…sound familiar? The trick is that we don’t know when we’re ‘in resistance’ when we are. How to tell? When we feel bad, unhappy or like a victim, we’re in resistance. If we’re blaming someone or something else for the way we feel (which isn’t good, in this instance) we are in resistance. What are we resisting? Simple, whatever is right in front of us that we want to be different. As soon as we want something to be other than what it is, we are resisting the ‘what is’ and we are stuck fighting it. My yoga teacher, Yogi Amrit Desai, taught us (while in those pretzel-like postures 🙂 ‘just be with what is as is, then you can breathe and soften the edges, when the edges soften, you allow for possibility’. I liked it the minute I heard it! All the pushing against the ‘what is’ to get it to change just doesn’t cut it. When we ALLOW it to be, just simply ALLOW (breathing helps!) you make the space for possibility of change. Sid had a saying, “you can play Football or do Tai Chi” – I like that metaphor, though I mostly choose football until I realize that I want Tai Chi, so I can make the switch. From there, how about ALLOWING the Divine Energy of abundance and grace to flow in? Time for an deep breath or two, and a new mantra 🙂 “Today I allow the energy of the Divine to assist me with everything in my life, with grace and ease:”

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