Ana Holub

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Discover the Healing Power of Forgiveness (86 minutes)

Ana Holub

Our society has long rewarded the “tough guy” who fights back and doesn’t give an inch. In this distorted view of power, winning is the only goal, and forgiveness is a sissy’s game.

There is a radically different way to live. If you choose the path of forgiveness and peace, you’ll be a stronger person for it.

Forgiveness is a spiritual experience. It lives on the spiritual plane, and it has the power to take you all the way to freedom. It is one of the most basic and essential skills anyone on a spiritual path needs to learn. There’s just no way to move into higher states of consciousness until you forgive others, yourself and Life itself.

In this interview, Ana will share her wisdom about:

The difference between traditional forgiveness and radical, ecstatic forgiveness;

The benefits of forgiveness, such as improved immune response and stress reduction;

How letting go of your suffering automatically opens up your intuitive wisdom;

The connection between emotions, forgiveness and planetary peace;

The radical truth that there’s nothing to forgive.


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Ana Holub, MA, is a forgiveness counselor, author, poet and peace educator. She holds a BA in Peace Studies and an MA in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University School of Law. Ana is also a certified Domestic Violence counselor and Radical Forgiveness coach. She’s deeply inspired by her daily study of A Course in Miracles, meditation and yoga. From her own difficult childhood to becoming a successful counselor, Ana knows firsthand the benefits of using forgiveness as a tool for inner peace and freedom. Over the past twenty years, she’s worked with thousands of people, including women, men, teens, couples, government, at-risk families, non-profits, businesses, and schools.

Ana’s mission to extend peace includes her ongoing work with prison inmates and kids at juvenile hall. From 2002-2010, she taught classes with the Insight Prison Project, a San Francisco area non-profit organization that provides peace education, violence prevention, yoga and meditation to San Quentin prison inmates. She currently offers victim-offender education, conflict resolution skills and poetry at the Siskiyou County, CA juvenile hall.

Ana teaches workshops internationally on forgiveness, self-empowerment, women’s issues, emotional healing and communication skills. She has presented her work in Singapore, Mexico, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver and more. She makes her home on the slopes of the powerful sacred mountain, Mount Shasta, in northern California.

Her books include The Edges Are Friendly (poetry), and Forgive and Be Free (published in 2014), as well as chapters in three other books. She created The Healing Power of Forgiveness audio CD and three e-courses: Letting Go with Forgiveness, Claiming Your Emotional Well-Being, and Blessings from A Course in Miracles.

Ana has worked for over 20 years in the fields of peacemaking and reconciliation, giving her clients practical skills for living boldly in harmony, strength and empowerment.