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A Heart Opened to the Divine

Tyler Carson is an internationally known fiddler/violinist born in Canada and recently moved to Seattle where his music with his duo ‘Impossible Bird’ is exploding on the West Coast of North America.

Tyler is a graduate of the Integrative Energy Healing program at Langara University in New Westminster, BC and has recently returned from Auroville, India, where he completed his final project for his internship doing healing work with the people there. Tyler’s studies and healing work in Auroville included the opportunity to share his healing music in concert with members of the community. Here are reflections from his time in India:

What I am exploring is making meditation in sound.

If I can surrender enough so that I’m not performing from my mind and I’m just letting the music flow from me then I enter a state of energy flow – of being a vehicle for this Divine force to come through, in the modest way that it might be happening for me.

When this happens, the sound is a dance of meditation in music.

For me, good music has always been about an interaction with the audience. What was so wonderful in the setting in Auroville was that people there are very attuned to the subtle energy of spirit. In my concert, what I was doing was actually also what the audience was doing. For example, we started the performance with a meditation and what I wanted to do with that was to open up the energy field in the room so that we were all working together.

If the audience member is listening to the music with their thinking mind, if they are going “Oh, I like this. Oh, I don’t like that.” Or “Oh, wow. Look at how fast his fingers are moving,” then they are on the mental level. When I am making music in this way—in the way of spirit – I am trying to release the mental level. In this way, what I am exploring is also what the audience is exploring. I hope the audience will listen with their heart and if it helps, go into a meditative kind of practice so that they can release the mental aspect and just be in the music because when they do that, it is a co-creative experience in bringing more of the Divine down into the energy of the room.

My personal experience is that music deeply moves people. People come up after performances in North America where I am playing, for lack of a better term, more of
a ‘popular’ genre of music, people come up and they are deeply moved by the music because we are playing from the heart.

In the meditative music I am making in Auroville I am, in one sense, making music in a higher frequency because I am trying to only be a vehicle of the spirit that it is flowing through. When we can do that, we open up a higher frequency, which allows the audience members to open and change.

There are many ways that one could look at sound healing and for me I am looking at it from more of an organic place. More of a place of ‘heart.’ I am opening up letting my heart make the music. I’m allowing my heart to be open to the Divine and let it play through because that is what I am attuned to. That is what I have spent my life crafting and bringing forward. I think that when one communicates truth from their heart it is deeply healing. For me, the truth is what I am seeking in my performance.


“Here I AM” by

Tyler spent three weeks in India this winter working on his graduation project in Integrative Energy Healing. He was specifically exploring healing through sound,
listening to and sharing Spirit’s voice through music. On the first day of his retreat Spirit came to me with a message for Tyler:

There are times when the mystery of life becomes so clear
And this is one of them
Pay attention
For there are changes afoot
I like what I see

In you there is a deep respect for the nature of all things
I hear your breath
Filled with knowledge of energy beyond this realm
Let it express itself through your hands
The sound of Spirits’ words are in your hands
Waiting to be heard
Sing them in sound
Play the children’s voices
It’s all about to unfold

What can you say?
What can you hear in their eyes?
In their skin?
In the way they dance without the Will to walk?

Let the healing Will in your heart be part of what you see manifest in all you do.

A Blessing is simply
Letting the light of Spirit
Shine through you.

Blessings are Energies’ way
Of sliding from one realm
To another.

Sharing your gifts with others
Is fundamental to who you are
And what a wonder to watch you awaken to it!

Spirit via Catherine [February 13 2013]


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