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15 Minutes to More Abundance

Monday was Thanksgiving for some of you! There are many things to be grateful for this week. So connecting to Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the highest ones of love, light, and wisdom. What is in the highest and best interest for all concerned to convey for this week’s Wisdom Wednesday?

Gratitude and thanks. These are key to your abundance. We speak of this in very concrete terms. Literally each time you think or speak words of gratitude and thanks, you are attracting more abundance to yourself, more of what you’d like.

Gratitude and abundance come from a place of openness and an open heart, with hands held out–perhaps even in prayer position! This is more powerful than you can imagine, especially as we move forward. What you’d like to manifest will come into the physical world quicker and quicker with less “obstruction.”

Simply say, “Thank you, I am grateful for ___” or say, “Thank you for ____ being in my life.” Yes, speak the words for your ears to hear. Write the words for your mind to store. Make up a song if that will help you to remember to speak and feel these words each and every day.

The more you are in the habit of speaking and feeling gratitude, the quicker and quicker what you’d like to have happen in your life will physicalize. Moving from idea and thought into the realm of the physical Earth plane.

Storms continue to rage. Your ability to thrive depends on you taking responsibility for more and more aspects of your life, including your finances. The more you take responsibility, the more you will reap the abundance you desire.

First thought, then feeling, then speaking and imagining that you already have the situation you desire. Start will something you consider to be “small”, concrete, and realistic to manifest. Then pick something slightly “bigger” and manifest that. Each time you do this, your “manifestation muscle” will get stronger and stronger. You will increase your self-trust, more and more. This does not need to remain in the realm of the “woo woo”. No, this can be very practical and become part of your daily routine.

Another suggestion. When you wake up in the morning, before you get up, before your alarm goes off, before you “start” your regular day, take 15 minutes and intend to be connected to the highest ones of love, light, and wisdom. Get quiet. Listen and then feel what you’d like your day to be like. Yes, FEEL what you’d like your day to be like. Pretend you are moving through your day and how would you like it to FEEL? Imagine feeling your whole day.

Imagine doing the things you’d like to do that day, in a way that brings you gratitude and thanks and anything else you’d like to feel. Even if you know you need to do something stressful—perhaps go to the dentist, give a speech at work, go to a job interview, or have a difficult conversation. Just imagine how you’d LIKE to FEEL before, during, and after the task you must do. Allow your muscles to relax and breathe deeply as you visualize moving through the scenes of your day.

How does it feel? How does your body feel? What smells do you encounter? Who do you see? Take this 15 minutes before you rise to set the tone and feeling for your whole day. You may be pleasantly surprise at how your day goes!

As always, in love and light, dear ones.

Leave a comment below and let us know how your playful experimenting goes this week.



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